Good Morning

Clouds 31.08 (5)

Yesterday I did not intend going anywhere. It began to rain in the morning (thank goodness for a covered porch) and continued until my after lunch sleep. At some time it stopped raining and I decided to escape for a wheelie in my chair for an hour I stuck to the local areas and took a trip up to the castle via the cemetery. I could see the clouds from the top of the hill. It was cool but not unpleasant and there was a light breeze: above all no more rain although the clouds were tellng me it would be back.

Chickens 31.08 (23)

I wheeled onto the chickens as I wanted a photo of the new rooster. He is quite a loud one and always has something to say. I got my photo, although he was mainly surrounded by his ladies. I even managed a photo with his beak open as he was doing his cock-a-doodle-doo or whatever it is.

Chickens 31.08 (4)

I also caught this group of chickens who seem to be something a little different to the others. Their feathers are thicker and they have some interesting colours. They were also not closed in with the other chickens, but were running free. Probably something more high class and special. They seemed to be inspecting their new territory. As long as they lay eggs, everything will be fine with them.

Horse 31.08 (10)

I also noticed the horses were back. During the summer months they were staying inside to escape from the heat of the sun, but now they are again in their paddocks and as curious as ever. this one seemed to be interested in me and the camera.

Horse 31.08 (4)

Another horse was discovering the luxury of the fresh green grass again. I could hear it being ripped from the ground. I just love our local animals. It was a bit of a boring time during the summer. They had all disappeared during the day. We had a record summer for temperatures and most of the animals were on the night shift outside.

Cows 31.08 (5)

The cow herds had also disappeared, but there were always 3 cows left outside during the afternoon, three black ones. Perhaps the farmer just wanted to prove that cows were still there. The others were only allowed out at night on the pastures when it was cooler.

At last our weather is normalising and we are now going towards Autum. I am not sorry: the hot nights are now gone. Even our lawn is normalising a little, but it will never be as it was, too much has dried out. Today is Saturday and the cupboards have food for the week-end, which reminds me I have to add a couple of things on our shopping list cloud for Mr. Swiss to fetch this morning. I need chips to eat with the chicken I am cooking this evening and some herb butter to go with the steak tomorrow. As I sit on the porch I hear the pitter patter of raindrops, so it looks like a day at home today, although I said that yesterday.

Chickens 31.08 (1)

I will leave you with another photo of the rooster that I found. He certainly seems to be proud of his job, who would not with about 100 hens to keep happy. I will now keep my family happy by taking a walk with the vacuum cleaner and mop, Mr. Swiss is already doing his duty. Make the most of the day. Even if it is raining you can watch it through the window.

Flowerbed 31.08 (2)

12 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. We are having our last perfect day — we’ve had two others — before tomorrow the heat and humidity rushes back. If I can stand the pollen, we might go out and shoot a little today, but NOT in town. Bit of a madhouse. We don’t have a lot of “town events,” so when we DO have one, EVERYONE shows up.

    Except us. We go the visit the cows and chickens around the corner.

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    • Imhad a day at home today. Itbwas a bit dull and now and again Mr. Swiss likes to see me. Our weather is now Autumn weather and just right for my body composition. My No. 1 son gave me a report on what is happening in town and it doesn’t seem Imhave missed anything


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