Friday RDP: Absent

St. Niklaus garden

It was a rainy morning and I really did not bargain on a wheelie in my chair this afternoon, although I had a little purpose in my journey. If I could manage to go places, I wanted to take a few photos of our local castle for a challenge in WordPress, although I combine my photographic purposes with anything that might cross the lens. On the way I wheeled past this garden in the top half of the village. It was empty, the chidren’s playground was deserted but what did I see. They had a Mowey, the same as ours, and it was mowing the lawn all on its own: wheeling backwards and forwards murmuring with a Mowey voice as it continued. Now and again the slide was in the way and he tried to ignore it by giving it a push, but it didn’t work, so Mowey changed his direction and continued on his lonely way. It was almost like something from a science fiction novel.

St. Niklaus

I continued on my way and did not meet one single person or hear anything. I was alone. Had we been invaded by extra terrestrials that had captured the village population? The only movement in the village were the various mowing machines. Perhaps they were possessed and were the new intelligence.

We also have a Mowey, but he is now redundant since our lawn refused to grow and began to die. Perhaps we are one of the lucky ones. Our lawn was protecting us from the Moweys which were slowly conquering the population. We are planning to have our lawn removed and just in time. Our Mowey supplier told us that our model is no longer being sold. This should have bee a warning. We asked why, but somehow the supplier avoided a clear answer. It was discovered that the smallest version made too many mistakes. Perhaps they became people mowers and the missing population had become garden fertiliser, small human pellets in a large sealed plastic bag.

There is a silence in the air you could cut with a knife.


I do not like the way Mowey is sitting there. He has chewed all the surrounding grass. What is he planning now?

Friday RDP: Absent

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