A Photo A Week Challenge: Details

Castle Waldegg 31.08 (1)

I chose part of the gate of our local castle Waldegg, up on the hill in our village. The castle was built some time in the 18th century and was used later as the residence for the french ambassador in Switerland as his summer residence. It now belongs to the Kanton and used for concerts. You can also have your wedding reception there. It is a popular place for wedding photos after the ceremony.

Now and again the senior citizens of our village are invited for a Friday lunch. We pay for it, but a very reasonable price and the food is good. I have been once up to now but am looking forward to the next time. It is very comfortable to eat lunch in a castle. Just to give an idea, here is the complete castle.

Castle Waldegg, Feldbrunnen

A Photo A Week Challenge: Details

8 thoughts on “A Photo A Week Challenge: Details

    • It is just a short walk from where I live. Since it belongs to the Kanton a lot has been done to keep it in shapeand of course a great opportunity for photos


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