Wednesday Prompt: Oevre

Basel to Solothurn 05.09 (6)

Is this art or is it just a scribble, Joe was sure he had the gift
Every evening when the midnight train had passed he was ready for a night shift
Cans of paint that he could spray to complete his new graffiti
When the morning came it had to be completed, this was his only entreaty
Then came the evening, it was holiday time, the train was running late
Joe had an idea for a new design and he really could not wait
As he was adding the finishing touches, the train came bursting through
But Joe was so engrossed in spraying his paint, his body was soon askew
And now if you pass on the last train, you will see him painting his signs
A ghostly hand is moving up and down as Joe floats over railway lines
His ideas were many, but he had little time, the paintings on the wall were a treasure
They were removed brick by brick to a gallery to give everyone some pleasure
And now at midnight when the gallery is closed there is a figure moving around
Joe now haunts  the museum halls, better than a burial mound.

Basel to Solothurn 05.09 (7)

Wednesday Prompt: Oevre

8 thoughts on “Wednesday Prompt: Oevre

  1. I like the mural in the first photo. I like murals. I enjoy witty comments. I don’t like tagging when the painter, I won’t call them artists, just leaves their initials, tagging name or a lot of rude words. I especially don’t like them when I am the person who has to clean them off the side of a train as I did for twelve years when I was working in the railways.

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