Good Morning

Morning on the porch

Not a lot to say this morning as I spent yesterday at home. Here I am sitting outside on the porch with breakfast, a computer and yes, Mr. Swiss. I have some time to get settled: making breakfast and organising my instruments. I always forget something and this morning it was my mouse, so back to get it and then I fetched my logitech mouse for my Windows computer instead of the magic mouse for the Apple. This time Mr. Swiss volunteered and I am all set to go, although no big news of the day: what a boring life I lead.

Fiorina Apples 28.08.2018

One of the few excitements I have are the apples growing on my trees. This is the first tree I had with Fiorina apples. This year is a record harvest due to the super apple growing weather. Now and again I hear a thump as an apple drops from the tree. A disadvatage might be that our cat, Tabby, tends to sleep on the remains of the lawn under the tree and we are hoping that she will not be attacked by a falling apple.

Spider 28.08 (2)

I had an encounter with this guy yesterday. He has been hovering around for some time, here and there, suspended from the ceiling on the porch and probably has a nest . Last year our complete building front was renovated, cleaned and painted and all the remains of the spider webs were removed. However, spiders are quick thinking insects and have returned this year to stake their claims on the nooks and crannies of the walls. I don’t mind when they stay where they belong. Yesterday evening early I was clearing the stuff away on the porch from the evening meal and did not see Fred (the spider). I walked into his threads and saw him drop in shock, but where was he. I have now discovered that Fred does not seem to be poisonous or a threat to mankind, although having him crawl on my leg and a head full of spider threads is not very pleasant. He eventually found the ground and scuttled away. I am sure he is still here somewhere, but has not been seen this morning.

Bee on Sedum 28.08 (1)

I also noticed the bees have returned for a last fling on my sedum which is now flowering: a sure sign that Autumn is knocking at the door.

Today is a shopping excursion to the local supermarket and this afternoon I should again make an effort to go places for a wheelie in my chair. There are things happening in my town worth a few photos. We are having music days on Friday and Saturday with various groups playing in restaurants and perhaps there will be some street action. Since I visit the town more, I am always on the lookout for something a little different.  In my village the only excitement is when a hen lays an egg.

Mr. Swiss also has the case of the disappearing walking stick. He took it with him yesterday afternoon and forgot it somewhere. We searched at home and it is not here. Today investigations will be made. I just hope that a jealous golden oldie did not see it and decided it would be something for the collection of walking sticks. Perhaps there are walking stick thieves around, waiting for their chance. At the moment he is using my stick decorated with the flowers and jungle pattern, but I will give him my plain brown one when we go shopping. I will keep you informed, I am sure you are interested 🙂

Swans 27.08 (6)

I met an interesting group of swans on my last journey home from the town along the river bank. They all seemed to be doing their own thing: one with his head buried in a wing and the other airing the feathers. The one in the middle seemed to be thinking it over.

Window Covering

I was just having one of those moments, what was I doing last year on this day? It seems the workmen were busy and we were still enshrouded in scaffolding and various plastic covers. I now look back on these photos with a little nostalgia reminding me of my meetings with various workmen and also relief that this scourge of mankind has now disappeared forever. At least the next 20 years and then I will be more than a golden oldie, almost a preserved golden oldie of over 90 years so who cares.

And leaving you on this happy note I will make my way onwards to the vacuum cleaner and mop and put my computer back to bed. It also deserves a rest after the morning exhaustions. Have fun, be careful where you tread and make the most of the day.

15 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Your apples are so thick on the tree, I believe you could compete up here in apple central! You could be part of one of the orchards. I’m impressed. That is a LOT of apple on one tree.

    As for Fred — Yesterday, leaving my house, I realized (again) that all around my front door are spiders and webs. I always want to knock them down because they aren’t really pretty and don’t improve the attractiveness of my doorway, but they seem to be collecting a LOT of other insects. Somehow, it seems silly to clean up the cleaner-uppers. So I sighed and moved on. I don’t like spiders, but the things they are catching and apparently having for various dinners (do they collect a group of different bugs for a general smorgasbord?) and do they invite companion spiders to share in the bounty?

    Liked by 1 person

    • We had a lot of apples this year, but we thought too many. However they have now got bigger and better and it looks like we will be having apple pies all through summer.

      One of the reasons I like a few spiders hanging around is because they keep all the other insects under control. I have also been successful with fly control this year. I have a pot of mint in the kitchen and the living room as well as on the porch, and have had almost no flies.


  2. The apples look delicious and I can see you having a lot of nice apple desserts in the near future. I hope Mr Swiss finds his walking stick. Perhaps someone has handed it in at the shops. I would not like to think there was a gang of walking stick thieves picking on the elderly in your town.

    Liked by 1 person

    • We will probably be eating apples by next Christmas. The Gala apples are more natives of countries like South Aftics and they become red on the tree quite quickly. For a tree planted from a seed, I never expected any apples. The walking stick has been found. He left it in a shop. He is still getting used to having one. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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