Monday Prompt: Coddiwomple

Fountain 26.08 (1)

On a bright plong chongly day, the jabberwock woke with a halloo hallay
He packed his jumble in a bag on his back, and also remembered the coddiwomple sack
Flonkling by the borrogrove trees, he blambled plunkles to be at ease
And then he saw the jubjub fly, it wrangled and tongled to reach the sky
He met the bloogles and gloaned a preem, oh what a day for a coddiwomple dream
But soon it plinked and plooged with vorp, and so he jangled in a brickle dorp
The vorp he jooled with a snicker snack blong, but the bandersnatch was holding a slong
Oh moogle ram for a Jabberwock trill, it was a slithy frumerous grill
He ran and galumphed to chumble home, the Coddiwomple was a no good glome
But soon he slept and snorded lomdles and this was all because of Coddiwomples
If you do not understand this glate, then ask  the Jabberwock he will translate

Monday Prompt: Coddiwomple

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