8 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: 27.08.2018 Verbana

  1. That must be one of your older pictures. It is sort of late in the season for verbena, unless of course it is to be grown inside. I grew some bright red verbena a few years ago. There were five of the cascading over a low block retaining wall. I knew that they would last only a few years, so I plugged in small rooted cuttings of trailing rosemary with them. The rosemary filled in as fast as the verbena died out. It started out with bright red verbena, became a delightful mix of the two, and is now a nice waterfall of rosemary.

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    • The photo was from the store at the end of April. It’s not something that stays in the garden as our weather is too cold. I havenever seen trailing Rosemary here. It might form a small. Bush if it survives the Winter. I have a rosemary five. Years in my garden and it is not giving up yet.

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