RDP #87: Articulate

Me and computer

In the mornings when I eat breakfast my computer I have fired
When munching on my bread and jam, I get myself inspired
Whilst I am sleeping during the night, half the world is awake
They are indulging in the computer and all for my own sake
Morning I visit the internet to read comments and meet friends
My mobile phone is also tuned in just to complete the happy trends
And then it is time to cook our lunch, but I hear “ping” and other tones
Of course my iPad is accompanying me and then there are some groans
It was when we were sitting and eating lunch I saw a light on the screen
It was my trusty iPad again calling me to the scene
And then he who should not be mentioned stated “can you not leave it alone”
I was not sure if he meant the computer, the iPad or the phone
I said I am not addicted, but life becomes less a bore
Just reading the newspaper is monotonous, I really need a lot more
And after lunch I was really exhausted my eyes began to twitch
I heard my iPhone calling me, it awakened my creative itch
And suddenly all was very quiet, perhaps the door was shut
I quickly looked at the computer, but it seems there was a power cut
And so I decided to read a book, but my Kindle was also dead
It was time to take a breath of fresh air and tend to my flower bed
Yes, there is another life outside full of bees and birds and flowers
I discovered this is what the real world is like where I also can have happy hours
My camera was ready and recorded the scene which was wonderful, oh so fine
And when the power returned again, I could watch it all online

RDP #87: Articulate

11 thoughts on “RDP #87: Articulate

  1. Isn’t it weird? No matter HOW much technology we have, the electricity goes out for an hour and it’s over. Completely, absolutely done. It makes me think about how close we are to losing all of it. One huge power outage and everything is gone forever.

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    • Someone who will not be mentioned forgot an invoice for our provider. They just switched it all off until paid, which happened the next day of course. And then you realise what it means, your fingers begin to twitch and you even start tidy stuff up you should have done a long while ago.


  2. Addiction to electronics? I don’t think so, more like an addition. Gardening, cooking, working, cleaning, self-care, plus….all keep us busy, and our electronics have many uses: email, texting, googling…In a ‘swoop of tge fingers’ we can look up definitions, read a new book or article, catch up with the world. Life is better with this stuff…

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