RDP #86: Brio


Which one shall I choose today, oh what fun to clean
With my brio I will get it done, everything will have a sheen
The bottle at the front smells good, but it is only half full
Of course I could try the one on the left, it scrapes just like wire wool
I used it on the door last week but it removed the paint as well
Perhaps I should use something softer, and not a brio bombshell
But I do not want the neighbours to think that I am lazy at home
So I clean and scrub and scrape and shine, my home is full of foam
Last week my cat collapsed and hid, the vet said it was the smell
I was only using alcohol to clean and I felt very well
I was singing when I did the job, but the cat was not so happy
He was turning round and round in circles and began to get quite snappy
The vet said it was alcohol poisoning, but all I was doing was cleaning
Perhaps I overdid  it a bit, but I was really beaming
I used acid to remove the lime, but my finger nails began to melt
I think I overdid it again, I need a safety belt
But yo ho ho and a bottle of cleaner, all mixed with brio and love
And then I had a heart attack and now clean the clouds from above


RDP #86: Brio

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