Good Morning


I often wonder what people think, like the driver of the train, when they see a golden oldie sitting in a wheelchair taking their photo. I was on my way along the path next to the tracks when the train was approaching.

Otherwise things are normalising again. I had a bit of a stress yesterday delivering Mr. Swiss to the local clinic, doing the shopping and picking him up again but now it has all been dealt with until the next time. There are always advantages as it got me behind the steering wheel of the car again, must be at least two months, but I can still do it. Actually I quite enjoyed the freedom of the road. There was not very much traffic and I found my way. I should do it more I suppose. Must be the practice I have with driving my electric wheelchair.

Cow 24.08 (3)

I was out and about again yesterday afternoon, having a path trip to the local castle. On the way I discovered three cows in a field, the others have all disappeared, but they will return I am sure. These three are always there, perhaps they are the lookout, or because they are the black cows and the other cows think they might bring bad luck.

Clouds 24.08.2018

I noticed the clouds were hanging low over the castle and the surroundings. Our heat wave summer seems to have given up. It is now very pleasant, not so hot, and a breeze now and again to keep it cool. I am glad and feel the difference. I seem to have more energy. We even had a night full of rain two nights ago and in the morning everything looked much fresher, although a lot has gone kaput in Europe in this heat summer, but all fake news. There is no climate change according to one of the world leaders, it is all in the mind – his mind.

Castle Waldegg 24.08 (7)

I took a photo of the bottom half of our village from the top of the hill where the castle is situated. It is a smallish village, somewhere between 900 and 1,000 population (not counting the cows). Our estate is on the right, the taller white buildings.

I read in our local newspaper that they have now refurbished the paths through our local hermitage, repaired the bridge and set up 5 new benches, all with the golden oldies in mind. What particularly pleased me is the photo in the newspaper showing the people concerned, one of them being in a wheelchair, a well known Swiss athlete who has won may events in the paraplegic games. He praised the work that has been done and said that there are no longer tree roots or rocks disturbing the wheelchair. It is one of the reasons I do not go there for photos. Today they have a special day welcoming everyone. The entrance is just around the corner, and I might wheel along to have a look. Should be a good opportunity for some photos. I really see the world differently since I have to cope with these problems. I have a mental map in my mind of wheelchair friendly routes and those to avoid. Even the hermit was on the photo in the newspaper and I did not even know we had one again. They usually stay a couple of years. This one looks well fitted for the job and healthy.

Flowerbed 24.08 (1)

I also did a diversion into the castle gardens. They are not a big thing, but big enough for a good variety of flowers. The nice thing is that it is not one of those castles known to the world and there is always enough room to move around and take time to have a good look.

I will now be moving around in the apartment dealing with this and that. I have nothing to complain about at the moment, and it looks like a good week-end – no stress and normal weather. I trust that your week-end will also be a good one, and if not, remember. It can only get better. I will leave you with the cosmea show from the castle garden that I hope will brighten up your day.

Cosmea 24.08.2018

10 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • Yes, we call them cosmea in German. I had them in my garden and they spread their seeds regularly. They might grow in your prairies, but we have only dandelions in ours, although prairie is not quite the same thing in Switzerland.. I am sure you have wonderful prairies if the cosmos grow wild in them..

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      • Cosmos does not really grow wild in the prairies without watering. However, they do grow around landscaped areas. They naturalized on the farm because of the broadcast irrigation, and they were spectacular. They were abundant, but never became much of a problem.

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    • The problem is that without a car I am almost stranded. There are no shops in the village and my walking abilities are not improving. I am now seriously thinking that i will have to use the walker when i go shopping, I am so worried about falling. Mr. Swiss and I both need each other. I drove a car for many years to work and in the holidays. My doctors all support me, so what could possibly go wrong.


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