RDP #85: Fluffy

Clouds 10.08 (3)

Being a cloud can be sometimes a worry
Especially when I am the boss and other clouds do not hurry
I shaped myself nicely to look like a dog
I wafted along and gave the others a tog
I turned my cloudy head to see what they were doing
I was being ignored, what plans were they brewing
The wind gave a breath of air, planning a storm
I was not ready for this, I wanted to conform
I gathered all my following clouds and decided to remain
But then the thunder and lightening came and we dissolved in the rain
Suddenly the sun joined in and everything was dry
I was now in pieces, so floated through the sky
We clouds are very versatile, shape shifters we are all
Today a dog, tomorrow just fluff, and we might be very small

Morning Sky
RDP #85: Fluffy

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