RDP #84: Elder


I remember my mum when she grew old
She had grey hair and was very fitting
Her life had been filled with washing and cleaning
And the evenings were spent with knitting

I was convinced that those days would never come
I would remain young and fit all the time
Old people always seemed to complain of this and that
I was not yet ready for this crime

I organised my knitting needles and pattern books galore
I was sure my kids would be pleased when I knit
Instead they were more interested in computer games
And were convinced that mum was a twit

I threw the knitting into a corner with the needles and the wool
My sweaters and cardigans were not required
But then I discovered I was very bored
Was this the result of being retired?

I heard ping bong, jingle jangle plonk,
My son wearing a t-shirt ย Player Number One
The computer was running and he was playing a game
My pullovers and socks were all being shun

Life as a golden oldie was not what I envisioned
And so I joined in with my son
There was Super Mario and painting scenes with Wizzball
And games you could play with a laser gun

So forget your knitting you golden oldies
And buy yourself a computer to enjoy it all
There are untold possibilities of warping in space
Who wants to knit socks, it’s for the fool

RDP #84: Elder

23 thoughts on “RDP #84: Elder

    • They probably read, even real books โ€“ you know the ones that like the smell and the feel and the weight of a real books. I read too, on my Kindle. I know some people that donโ€™t have a computer because they do not understand it and do not want to be the bottom of the class, instead of learning it.

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  1. Knitting serves a different purpose for me. It is creating something and using my hands in a different way than the computer allows. I would never give up my computer and the games though!

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