9 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: 23.08.2018 Geranium

  1. Yes there are some unusual colors now. I have two or three which are not the normal pink or red. They have started blooming again, for a while with so much rain they stopped.

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      • Well, yes, but these are the Pelargonium X domesticum rather than the more common Pelargonium hortorum. They are known here as ‘Martha Washington’ geraniums. The common geraniums are zonal geraniums. I like both for different reasons. The Martha Washington geraniums are more colorful, but have a more awkward form, and are not quite as easy to propagate.

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        • Thanks for the explanation. it is a sort of custom in Europe to have geraniums in summer. We have farm houses with wonderful shows of the normal geraniums, but now and again our stores sell the special ones

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          • How funny. People who have been around consider them to be ‘European’, and a traditional perennial for planter boxes like in Venice.


  2. You always find best brightest most colorful flowers. So pretty.
    I was just wondering if what Americans call community gardens are called Allotment Associations in London. I was reading an online article in a British newspaper and was trying to picture in my mind what could an Allotment Association be?

    Maybe a Block or Tenant association? Gardening committee?

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