RDP #83: Remember

Crops 02.05 (1)

At the beginning of May they they were tiny green shoots
Below in the earth were growing their first roots
How could they survive, lost in a field
It was all in the seed, that fate was already sealed

And so the rains came, sometime it was a storm
but the stalks got taller, the weather was also warm
The plants were not forgotten, the farmer gave them food
And so they began to grow and grow, they were really in the mood

Mais 10.07 (3)

In July there were more than half way there,
Their heads did not seem to have a care
One day their leaves would burst wide apart
They knew the routine definitely by heart

As time went on, August arrived
The leaves were turning brown
Their strength was waning in the hot summer sun
It was time to cut them down

Maize harvesting 21.08 (1)

And so the farmer arrived with his machine
And chopped at every stalk
The maize remain quiet and did not scream
It never learned how to talk

As their heads fell down, they were gathered together
to be milled for the cattle to eat
But some of the seeds fell by the wayside
For the maize this was a treat

And a year later the seeds began to grow
The journey began once more
They were the sons and daughters of the last year harvest
Their regrowth was guaranteed for sure

RDP #83: Remember

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