Good Morning

Feldbrunnen across the Aare

No photos from today or yesterday but I took this one the day before yesterday when I was on a walk through the village. You can see over the local River Aare to the so-called middle land, which is actually Kanton Bern. On a clear day you will be lucky to see the alps in the distance, but now we have the haze from the heat. I have often sat on this bench and enjoyed the view. Just on the right there is a pasture with a few cows – and even a bull.

It was too hot yesterday to go anywhere. I did go into town with Mr. Swiss, but I remained in the car whilst he had a quick appointment at the doctors. I noticed as we drove through town that building preparations were already be carried out for our annual Autumn trade fair, the HESO: not that I intend going and mixing with all those people, but there might be a few interesting photos on the construction work. I am always searching for new subjects.

I am late this morning. Usually my cleaning lady comes today, but I knew she was going on holiday today to visit relations in England. She  called to say that she would not be able to fit me in as she was busy with her preparations. That is OK for me, and she will be back in two weeks.

Wekhofstrasse for electric cars 18.08 (1)

On my last trip into town I was wheeling from the outskirts of town and discovered this. On the map of the town of Solothurn, I noticed it is our official Electric Charging Station. We are really modern now. If you happen to have one of these new electric cars that need no gas, we are even prepared for that. I must say I had to look twice when I came across it and naturally also took photos. Now you just plug your car into the station and it recharges your battery or whatever it is you have.

Wekhofstrasse for electric cars 18.08 (2)

I was so impressed I had to take another photo. I don’t know how long it takes to do the operation or how much it would cost. I have to recharge my electric wheelchair, but usually attach it to the electricity in the evening and leave it all night. The guy at the place where I got it told me that is the best way to do it. My wheelchair is always fully loaded and I can travel at least 30 kilometers with a full load. It also hardly costs anything for the power. Sometimes I wish I could attach myself to something like that for power. This morning I had to try three times to stand on my feet from the bed, but once I am up I am ready to go (with my stick).

Garbage Disposal Unit Zuchwil 19.08.2018

Another romantic photo from the surroundings, our garbage burning plant. We all produce rubbish and somehow we have to dispose of it. Here is is burnt, but only that normal organic material. If it is something special that does somewhere else. At least they painted the chimneys a pretty colour to make it fit into the landscape.

And now I will carry one with cooking lunch, we all have to eat even if it is only a Big Mac, there seem to be politicians that thrive on it, one particular comes into mind. I am naturally cooking something more sustaining: sliced beef with veg and saffron rice.

Rudbeckia 19.08 (2)

I say a goodbye with another flowerbed from the vicinity and wish you all a good and relaxing day.

5 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • We drove Volvo for many years as my husband was the logistic manager, but tempo passati. We now have a smaller car. Electric cars are new here, but you see more on the roads, although not in the price range for everyone.

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      • Many American cars used to be made here. There was a Ford plant in Milpitas that made Fords, Lincolns and Mercuries. There was a General Motors plant in Fremont that made Chevrolet, Buick (!), Olsmobile, Pontiac, Cadillac, and the others that came later. They are closed, However, Tesla is in Livermore.


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