RDP #80: Reticent

Chuchilade. Statue

Reticent was his middle name, there was no need to speak
He stood day in, day out at the store, some said he was a freak
Is he real, or is he not, was the question people would pose
But Reticent ignored them all, not even wrinkling his nose
Why was he there, what did he want, he was working for the shop
Standing there, he was not deaf, and voices he would eavesdrop
His tray was always being held with a card telling people to enter
But no-one dared to pass him by, because he was standing in the center
And then one day it began to rain, and he then got very wet
Someone wiped him dry with a cloth and they noticed he did not sweat
It was also obvious he did not breathe, and he never went to bed
So they left him there to do his job, but no-one thought he was dead
People come and people go, the business was closing soon
Reticent did not know this fact, to noise he was now immune
Everything was sold even Reticent, and now he was smelling miff
His arms and legs could not be moved, Reticent was now a stiff
The garbage men threw him into the dump, they were sure he was a goon
But strange noises were heard in the empty shop when it became full moon

RDP #80: Reticent

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