Good Morning

Sunflower fields 18.08 (1)

Yesterday was a great day. I got my usual chores done in the morning, cooked a bit of lunch, had an after dinner rest, hugging the bed and afterwards was ready to go. It was no longer heat wave weather, just a pleasant 25°C outside and a breeze. Now and again the sun appeared through the clouds.

At last I had a chance to revive my Nikon 7000 camera again. It is heavy and big and I bought a Nikon 3000 which was smaller later, as the 7000 was just too heavy to carry for me. When I progressed to a wheelchair for walks I continued using the 3000 but last week I decided to try the 7000 again. I no longer have to carry it as I sit in the chair. I tested the various lens I had and yesterday I at last had a chance to see what it could do. It was almost like trying a new camera and it was fun. The lens were also bigger and better and the automatic focus functioned wonderfully. I am not a photography expert and with a few exceptions, usually do the automatic focus. It is enough for my little shooting exercises, and I am a Nikon fan.

I aimed for the sunflower fields, although they are now showing signs of age, and only the seed heads are left, which is the purpose of them, for the oil production.

Aare Swimming

I noticed that there was some sort of event on the local River Aare. They were having the Aare Swimming. A course was organised on the river and various contestants could swim a certain route as a competition. They had even organised a tent for the purpose on the river bank and prizes were being offered for the quickest.

Roetibruck with boat

Here you can see the boat patrolling on the river keeping an eye on things. The bridge you can see is fairly new and replaced the older one which was no longer so safe for the traffic. It is very well constructed with the footpath on the lower level which is easy to navigate with the wheelchair. On the right bank  you can see a hotel, the Ramada, and opposite is an old apartment block where we lived for almost 20 years, so we were right in the middle of Solothurn with river view.

Hauptmasse Solothurn

I was clicking away everywhere and this time took a photo of one of our busy old town streets where people like to sit outside at the street cafés or just take a walk to see and be seen. I remember when I had a mini family and we would often take a walk in the town together.

Muttiturm and Bieltor Westringstrassw

I approached the town and got a view of the so-called Westringstrasse which is the edge of town. On the left is the so-called Mutti Tower which is well known for its tribe of Swifts that nest in the tower. They have even filmed them for the TV, although you do not see them so much as they are more hidden in the tower. On the right is the so-called Bieltor which is the entrance to the town on the West side named after the town of Biel which is about half an hour road in the West direction. The houses in between are very old, and have shops on the ground floor: one of them is my hairdresser, although I think there are about 2-3 hairdressers on this street.

Greibengasse House

I took many photos, some of the old houses which are always being renovated and modernised. I love the quaint old window styles with the shutters. When I arrived home I had more than 100 photos on the camera, so it was a worthwhile journey. As the evening meal was only a pizza from the oven, I did not have to rush.

Ducks 18.08 (8)

I travelled home via the river bank which leads direct to my village and I only have to wheel up the path to arrive home. There are always a few ducks around posing for photos. I have no idea what sort this is, but this year I noticed a lot of new ducks that I did not recognise.

And that’s that. If the weather stays OK, I will be out an about again this afternoon. At the moment it is looking good. Enjoy the Sunday, day of rest and all that. As a golden retired oldie, I have rest every day, but somehow Sunday still as the impression of being stressless and no rush. I have a little bit of ironing this morning, but afternoon is “me” time.

25 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning back to you. It’s turning into a beautiful day here as well. The heat wave has broken and I’m finally feeling somewhat normal again. Lovely photos. I love playing with my camera and the few lenses that I have.

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  2. Is the 3000 a better camera than the 3000? I’ve been off-loading cameras I don’t use, especially older ones. Especially ones that aren’t quite sharp enough or too heavy or too something.


    • They are both good cameras, but I find the 7000 the better one. I stopped using it because of its size and weight, but it is no longer such a problem as I am now sitting in my wheelchair


  3. Wow, you lived right downtown. I always wondered what that would be like; to be able to go out the front door and right into downtown without driving anywhere! That must have been RAD. When I was a student, I sometimes wondered who lived in the apartments above the shops in downtown San Luis Obispo. I suppose I sometimes still do. I lived in Los Gatos for 16 years, longer than I lived anywhere, but I lived out in an area that was considered to be ‘suburban’ at the time. It is the lifestyle that I am most familiar with, even more than a rural lifestyle.

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    • I grew up in London so it was nothing new to live in an appartment in town, although quieter than London. We had 4 kids and it was a very big roomy place on the first floor. I never needed a car to go shopping as the shops were around the Corner. It was oK but noisy, although so were my kids

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          • My Pa always likes a house full of people. It is a cultural thing. When I was a kid, all the kids and neighbors in the neighborhood hung out there. My friends loved it. When I was in college, I could bring as many people as we could fit in our big old station wagon up to my Pas’ home, and he never minded. We could drive up to San Francisco, and use his home as a hotel (less than thirty miles away). Of course, some of us slept on the porch when things got crowded, but no one minded. His home in Washington is like that now. I could go up there and stay as long as I like, and I never know who else might be there. It is mostly empty now that the last of the babies have moved away. My Pa considered selling the main home and relocating to a smaller and vacant home on the farm, but his younger litter of babies objected. Not only is it the home that they grew up in, but they so enjoy having it there when they have use for it.

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  4. What a great little town Solothurn is! I have visited S knowingly only twice but with all the info you dish out so generously I cannot wait to re-visit this place again in the future (once I shall be living in CH again). Thank You

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    • It is a lovely town and many things to discover. I noticed today they have begun to construct our Autumn Trade Fair, HESO, so i will be on my way tomorrow with wheelchair and camera

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