RDP #79 Dog

Dog 25.06 (9)

It’s evening in Switzerland and I was just shutting my computer down when I saw an RDP about Dog. I do not have a dog, have never had a dog, although everytime I see one on one of my walks I take a photo of a dog if they are doing something doggy that is interesting. Of course I like dogs, how can you not like a dog.

Ok if they have come out of the river and give the sign that it is time to shake the water from their coat, I usually retreat before I get a shower. If I have my camera and a dog walks past I do not even have to ask if I may take a photo. The owners of Fido laugh and are happy to see that their pride and joy is having his photo taken. I like dogs, but my cat Tabby does not like dogs, one of the reasons I do not have a dog, so I only take photos of dogs belonging to other people. They have to look friendly, not shows their teeth and then they are on my camera.

Dog 10.08 (3)

Dog 25.07 (3)

Dogs 18.06 (3)

RDP #79: Dog

14 thoughts on “RDP #79 Dog

  1. Dogs are ALWAYS great! I’m back from the land of dog lovers and -owners (UK, Devon) and I’ve seen more doggies in one week there in South Devon than I have in 10 years in France….. ๐Ÿ™‚

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