RDP #78: Respect

Cows 16 (4)

Let’s got for a walk and visit the cows
said my husband to me, I was in the mood for some prows
So we wandered uphill, the cows were in a troop
I took out my camera and was beginning to shoot
Suddenly my husband arose with a pull
He said I am not staying here, there is also a bull
I thought all cows had horns, and were easy to detect
My husband knew better, from bulls he had respect
I was still taking photos when my man disappeared down the hill
He said keep away from the bull, he might intend to kill
And I thought he looked so sweet with his nice pointy horns
My husband was sure they were a crown of thorns
When we departed the bull looked so sad
no-one likes a bull, he is a cow’s dad
I waved to him carefully, it was the thing to do
He followed my waves and started to moo
Then he stamped his hooves and charged in a blast
And then we began to run,  to getaway fast.

Cows 16 (2)

RDP #78: Respect

13 thoughts on “RDP #78: Respect

  1. He’s a beautiful bull, though. There were two bulls in my town in CA that had so much people contact they were — when it wasn’t mating season — pretty tame. Still, I wasn’t trying to pet them through the fence, ever. 😀

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