RDP #77: Encircle

The sky in the afternoon

You think we are alone because there is nothing
the sky is void of all
Just take a telescope or activate an app
And you see everything at beck and call

It is afternoon, just after three,
We are not alone
You cannot see them,  they are hiding
But across the heavens they will roam

The sun shines on everything, there are no clouds
See its neighbour, a large brown ball
They call it Mercury nearest to the sun
At night you might see it,  it won’t fall

The little white dots spread out in between
might be stars, if not rocket rests
Now and again a rocket flies past
They become celestial pests

They are American, they are Russian, others Brits
The satellites encircle with force
Are they peaceful, are they weapons
Who knows, they just follow their course

The earth takes its place in this orbital game
One day we might not be there
Blown up by an encircling asteroid
And then we will not really care

RDP #77: Encircle

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