RDP #75: Blue

Blue shoes

I bought new shoes,
they were my favourite colour
just like my eyes
although a shade duller
I also have blue trousers
and a blue t-shirt
my socks are also blue
they match my blue skirt
In Winter I get cold
my skin has a different hue
it does not change to red,
guess what, it turns to blue
The army asked for my services
to help with sabotage
They said I was ideal at night
I was a complete camouflage
And then I joined a football club
because I liked their dress
all in the colour blue
Did you already have a guess
Of course there is a reason
for this colour, I am loyal
Did I tell you I have blue blood
I am sure I am quite royal
I wrote to the queen of England
She invited me to tea
I was wearing blue of course
She wore green just like a pea
And so I then decided
that blue was not so in
I kept my blue shoes
but threw the rest into the bin.

RDP #75: Blue

9 thoughts on “RDP #75: Blue

  1. Of all the things I miss wearing, blue jeans are the only one that matter. Blue has always been a peaceful color, and my house is gray-blue.

    I just heard a roll of thunder. I was so hoping it would NOT rain today. I really fear our river is going to bluely overflow!

    My husband HATES peas. Really hates them. But he likes blue.

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    • I still wear blue jeans if the material is soft enough,otherwise I have problems putting them on. I like blue very much. Mr. Swiss says it matches my eyes, even in my golden oldie days.
      And I wish it would rain here, we still need it. That little bit in between does not serve a great purpose.


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