Good Morning

Morning sky

Quite a lively sky this morning, but so is the weather. It rained during the night, which is the right time to rain. This morning cloudy with a promise of blue skies and the sun peeps through now and again. I am out on the porch and temperatures are pleasant. Some might put on a jacket, but I am sort of immune to cooler temperatures and feel quite comfortable in my t-shirt and shorts.

Yesterday I did not go anywhere, as it seems I have been everywhere in the last few days. It was raining on and off so I made myself comfortable at home.

Aviary Birds 10.08 (3)

On one of my last wheelies into town in my chair I paid a visit to the aviary where they have a few assorted more exotic birds. I love to take photos of the unusual and found this one sitting on his perch. There is a poster with the names of the various birds, I only take photos and cannot get near enough to read the names. This is probably some sort of parakeet and he kept his beady eye on me.

Aviary Birds 10.08 (4)

This was one of the more colourful ones and he was dusting up his feathers.

The aviary has been in this part of town since I lave been living here, about 50 years. They also have interesting ducks, although at the moment the pond is empty. I think the hot weather was probably not so good.

Horse Carriage 12.08.2018

I also met this as I wheeled into town on Sunday afternoon. In the carriage were a couple celebrating their wedding and were traveling in style on one of the most important days.

Gala Apples

As I sit here I often here a thumping noise in the background. It is my apple tree telling me it has too many apples and releasing them now and again, so we have to pick them up from the ground. They are still a bit sour as it is only August, but for a tree that I once planted from a seed, it does not do too bad. I just wonder what sort of wild life is living inside the apples. I always cut them open before deciding to eat one, you never know.

At the moment my cleaning lady is busy and I should also move on as I have a few windows I should clean. Mr. Swiss is on a quest in town for something, although I do not know what, and afterwards our gardener will be here to discuss the new developments of our garden. It really looks in a sorry state at the moment and we are still debating what to do with the lawn, keep it or remove it.

Otherwise I am not sure what the day holds for me. I might take a wheelie around the village this afternoon to see if there are any new developments, although a 900 person village generally does not have anything exciting that might happen.

My golden rod is also now flowering in the garden. It is one of those plants I have to keep under control, otherwise it would take over by dropping its seeds everywhere. Have a good day, it can only get better, if it not already is and sleep well for those on the other side of the pond. See you around.

Golden Rod

5 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Your season seems way ahead of ours. I just heard the rumble of thunder … then the sun came out … and then the sun went back in. It has been torrentially raining here for almost a week and there’s more to come. It’s not ONE storm. It’s a lot of little ones, so some towns get 9 inches of rain — which is a LOT of rain! And a town a mile or two away gets no rain at all. We’ve been in the middle — a lot of rain, then it dries up for a while — then it rains some more. It’s getting dark outside, so who knows? Glad my dogs aren’t afraid of thunder, but I think my MODEM is afraid of it and it keeps going off and needing a reboot. Too much water in the wires and the transformers.

    There isn’t much going on in our village of 10,000 either. We are just more spread out than you. There’s the REAL village — about 3 miles down the road from here — and all these outlying places. We are in what people refer to as “the woods.” Technically, we are part of the town, but no one comes here but UPS, my family, and Fedex. And it’s all mud out there anyhow.

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    • We have just had one of the most wonderful,sunsets I have seen. Heavy thick clouds that looked ready for a storm and the evening sun decided to illuminate them, photos tomorrow. When you see something like that you realise it is a wonderful world, but it only lasts 10 minutes at the most. We decided not to water the garden this evening. It is cooler and the drought is no longer.

      Our area is full,of little villages with their own authorities and even laws. In between there are the farms and cows. It is now getting darker outside, time to go inside, although I can still read my Kindle.


  2. Brent, my colleague, doe not maintain the neighbor’s avocado tree very well. It hangs over one of his upper decks. A while back, it dropped a huge limb that became too heavy with fruit. There were avocados everywhere! It was hard to not laugh at him for that one.

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