Good Morning

Morning clouds

I got headlines this morning on my iPad that at last it will be raining again and this time it will be worth taking the umbrella with you. My sky is getting greyer as I sit here on the porch, although it is still pleasant enough to sit outside in my nightdress. I am not sorry, it is really about time that the weather changed a little. Yesterday afternoon I went for a wheelie in my chair, but it was still on the hot and uncomfortable side, although there was a light breeze blowing.

It was Sunday afternoon so I decided to risk a journey into town. Sunday afternoons are good, it is a more restful atmosphere and no shopping crowds, just a few people where you hear mainly french spoken and also some english – it is tourist time.

Town Wall Solothurn 12.08 (4)

I toured around the edge of town where they have the old bastion to protect the town from whatever they had to protect it from. The moat is now full of grass instead of water. I was aiming for the museum where they have a small pond outside and a few fountains. It was all empty. The water had been removed for some reason.

Museum Solothurn 12.08 (8)

I would have like to have had a look around in the museum, but have not yet discovered how to get in with a wheelchair. There are far too many steps.  You really do see the world with other eyes when handicapped. I am sure there is a possibility to enter, but you have to find someone that you can ask. I wheeled onto town, this time taking a different route and entering by the Franziskaner gate.

Franziskertor Solothurn 12.08.2018

It is on the North side of the town and also allows a look into the town. I could easily ride on the road to avoid complicated steps on the curb as generally on Sunday traffic is not allowed in the core of the town.

Rathausgasse. Solothurn 12.08 (2)

I found myself in the Town Hall street, although the town hall is now an old protected building and moved to more accommodating offices. People actually live in these houses, but rents are not cheap. They have been modernised and usually in the basement you find small shops or doctor practices. My dentist is also in one of these small alleys. However it is all well looked after with nice cobbled streets that shake me when wheeling. I have now discovered that driving slowly in a high gear lessens the bumpy effect.

River Aare 12.08 (2)

I moved down to the Rive Aare riverside path for the home stretch. We had a spell of less friendly weather last week and the river was left to the ducks, but now we have good weather and being Sunday, the river was again taken over by the human population. When I was a walking person I never bothered to go into town on Sunday, but now I like to enjoy my possiblity with the wheelchair and I see sights I never knew existed. The river is full of people on inflatable rafts just floating along with the current, mainly organised in groups like some sort of large floatable raft and there are small motorboats everywhere. As I wheeled onwards along the banks it was full of family groups and youngsters enjoying the opportunity to lay in the sun or swim in the river. Yes the river lives in Summer.

At home I made myself comfortable on the porch with my computer and camera and enjoyed the outside life until around nine in the evening. I noticed that the evenings are now getting dark earlier.

Today is again a normal golden oldie Monday. My No. 1 son is now back to work after the holiday and we have a shopping quest to fulfil in the supermarket. Otherwise no great stress today, at least I am not planning any, but you never know.  The clouds are now increasing, and I think we are in for a rainy day. At least a different theme for my camera, I think the carefree days of summer are disappearing and the young lady in the photo might have to dress a little warmer. Even if it is Monday, enjoy the day all the same, you never know. the president might decide to abolish Monday in favour of a golfing day or something like that.

Statue Muse.Solothurn 12.02.2018

11 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning to you. We are having cooler mornings now, though still hot sun in the daytime.
    I notice that all those houses on the right of your town photo have buttresses; do you know if they were built that way or added later to support the old buildings? Our large adobe churches have buttresses here, the most famous one being Rancho de Taos photographed and painted by many artists. If I knew how to add a photo I’d show it, but you’ll have to google it, I’m afraid.

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    • It is the style of our town, a very old town. I do not know why they have buttresses, but there must have been a reason. All I know is that everything is under monumental protection in our town and nothing is allowed to be altered in its style. The core of the town goes back to the early middle ages and nothing much has been changed since.

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  3. Love the photo of the Franziskaner gate. It is also raining on this side of the Atlantic and the temperature is much cooler, thank god! I have trouble breathing when it’s hot and humid. Wishing both you and Mr. Swiss a great week!

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  4. It has been pouring around these parts for a few days and it is pouring now as I look out. Dark, too. It does NOT normally rain this much in the summer and our rivers are full. A few nearby towns have gotten almost a foot of rain in the past couple of days. luckily, not us because when the Blackstone overflows, all our towns go underwater!

    Summer is disappearing quickly. I swear each time I check, life is hurrying even faster than before.

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    • It is making an effort to rain here, but doesn’t succeed. Insay it is raining now and my eternal pessimist, Mr. Swiss tells me it is just a few drops. Everything has dried out here and it would be so good to have some rain.summer is not disappearing here, just drying up and it started so well.


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