Flower of the Day: 13.08.2018 Honesty

Honesty 22.04.2018

I love these little flowers. Someone gave me some seeds once and after the flowers appeared I got the interesting seed pods.


I had some flowering this year in spring in the garden (see photo) and I hope they arrive again next year, but I just let them do their own thing. Sometimes they appear the next year and sometimes I have to wait for two years.

Flower of the Day: 13.09.2018 Honesty

9 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: 13.08.2018 Honesty

  1. I also have little purple flowers. They came with the house. I gather mine are mayflowers, which turn out to be the state flower for Massachusetts, so maybe it’s not so odd that they grow just about anywhere you can find dirt. But they are very pretty. It took me a decade to find out what they were, by the way. Before that, they were just “little purple flowers.”

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  2. We know that as money plant. Someone who worked as a gardener where I now work part time collected the seed whenever he found them, and then scattered the elsewhere. They are all over the place not, but are not invasive. I have collected some to send another coworker who recently moved to Colorado.

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