RDP #72: Cat

The cat sat on the mat in the supermarket

I always go to the same supermarket during the week, about 3-4 times. It is one of the big supermarkets perhaps a mini mall, as there are also other shops. One day we noticed there was often a cat walking through the supermarket. It would be found in the restuarant at the entrance and naturally was spoilt by the customers. That is typical cat, they know where the food is.

This cat was also on the parking lot having a walk around and I was worried that it could be involved in an accident. It never was. The supermarket was its home, but never in the food department which was on the upper floor. The assistants told me that was a no go with animals, but there was always a restaurant. Not that it was worried about stairs.To get to the bath fittings department it had to go down in the basement, but no problem. The bathroom department had the most comfortable place to sleep on the exhibition goods.

One day this cat, and its brother/sister (yes, there were two) got into the local newspaper. They had a home and were fed by their humans and well looked after, but this home was in a house bordering on the supermarket and cats being cats they soon discovered where the best places were.

Two Migros cats

And here are both of them on outside the supermarket. One day they disappeared and it also got a mention in the newspaper that they now had a new home in another part of Switzerland, so the days of plenty in the supermarket were over. I think the regular customers all missed their presence.

The Supermarket Cat

Just a few words on cats, but strictly from my point of view. I am no expert, but have had cats since many years. I also have a son, he is autistic. For me cats are autistic. They have no feeling for the abstract, only what they see is there.  If they are hungry they will eat, thirsty they will drink. And if they want to sit on your lap they will, perhaps they do not want to. They prefer to do their own thing when sleeping. If they want to go out they persist until the door is open, but it can be that the cat decided not to go anywhere.

My cat is now resting outside in the shade of a tree. Yesterday she did the same thing, although she changed the tree and place at least three times in an hour. Now and again you have kittens, but very rarely do you know who the father is, or fathers, according to the mother’s mood. Our Tabby was in a litter of four cats, and neither resembled the other. Romance and such feelings does not play a big part in the life of the domestic cat.

RDP #72: Cat

14 thoughts on “RDP #72: Cat

  1. Such a fun post, Pat. We have a new grocery store built right in a very old neighborhood. This big box was viewed with much trepidation, but turned out to be the best kind of neighbor. It, too, has a cat that lives across the street yet prefers to lay by the exit door to the store. There is even a sign in the parking lot warning customers that this is where the cat crosses to go back home, so beware! I love it.

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    • These two cats really made theirselves at home in the supermarket. I would see them often. They made themselves comfortable in all the departments. It was a shame they left. In summer they would make themselves comfortable on the garden furniture objects outside the store and sleep.

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  2. Garry and I, together and separately, have had MANY cats. I had seven, at one point, because I had a big house and when anyone discovered they had spare kittens, I always wound up with one of them. Eventually, we let the population reduce to a mere two or three and that was fine. We also had dogs and despite rumors to the contrary, they often get along very well, especially when they are raised together.

    Most of our cats were, as you say, very self-sufficient. But a few were not. Some were surprisingly doglike. All the Siamese were very people-oriented and our Abyssinian was a true human lover. The MOST self-sufficient cat was a Manx I was given. He had no use for us except as food dispensers, but he was an amazingly good guardian of the household.

    Sometimes, I miss cats and other creatures, but our ability to cope with pets is pretty much maximized these days.

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    • It all began with one cat but she only lived half a year. We were devistated, but I really wanted a a cat. The same mother cat had another litter and I persuaded Mr. Swiss to adopt again, but said I would like two. Although they were litter sisters they both had their own characters. Then we got a third from a friend that had Selkirk Rex kittens. And now we just have one, 16 years old. She will be our last. We are now too old to adopt kittens again and it hurts when they eventually leave.


  3. love the supermarket cats. I agree with what you wrote about cats — they live very much in the present moment — although when they get angry, they remember and it takes time for them to forgive. Bribery helps with forgiveness.

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    • The cats register who is their friend and who not. Their are certain humans they avoid and they do not mix well with other cats. They are very territorial minded. They are creatures of habit. When we eat Tabby arrives immediately knowing she will get her little bit. Sometimes she will walk away because it is not her taste.

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