Good Morning

Morning Sky

And it looks like another good weather day today. Not to hot, just right. Since I changed my modus operandi to using my Apple computer in the morning I now make myself comfortable on the porch to make the most of the remaining summer days and perhaps some Autumn mornings. In the distance I can hear a few cars moving along the road and some sort of dove calling.

I decided to take a wheelie in my chair yesterday afternoon to town. I had been homebound long enough due to the heat we were subjected to and now I can breathe again.The circus has left, but there is still a mini circus around, the one with the hog.

Small circus tent 10.08.2018

I showed his photo a couple of days ago in one of my good morning blogs. Now I realised what it is all about. It seems it is a smaller nostalgic circus with wooden caravans and a small tent with one show per day, They seem to have more “domestic” animals and now they have a sign warning not to feed the animals, they can get aggressive.  The hog has a long pointed tooth or tusk that you can see protruding from the mounth and I certainly would not want to get too near.

Hafenbar 10.08.2018

I also wheeled past our well-known “Hafenbar” on the River Bank in town. This arrived a few years ago thanks to the enterprising idea of some locals in our town of Solothurn and has become a great success. It is only in the warmer months of the year and in Winter it disappears, but is very popular, although last week it got too popular. The owner had a rude awakening in the morning when he was called by the police with the news that someone had broken into the bar during the early morning hours.

The had smashed a window, and took the time to drink a bottle of gin and vodka and eat some snacks. They also took a few bottles with them. The main damage was that they had stolen the iPad used by the owner to programme the music they had in the bar. They took no money as there was none there. That is put away safely when the bar closes. It was a cowardly act and shows again how thoughtless some can be. The bar people already had to warn people of pickpockets when they take a drink there The bar has become quite an instution.

Swans 10.08 (4)

As I wheeled along I notice quite a congregation on the other side of the river. A swan family were swimming on the edge of the river. The parents and their 7 cygnets, which are no longer cygnets, born this year in Spring. I got the best shots from the foot bridge over the river Aare. Today there was an article in the daily newspaper about the swan family with a photo. They have become quite an attraction to the local population and tourists. The youngsters still have some brown feathers, athough two of them are white. They are vegetarian and mostly dip into the river to eat the plants growing near the surface. You are not allowed to feed them however, which could do more harm than good apparently.  They were quite an amusing mixture floating and dipping. A real picture of swan family life. Every year we have a swan family somewhere on the river.

It was now time to wheel back home, although I was enjoying my trip. We had already got the week-end food supplies from the supermarket in the morning and No. 1 son was in Zürich for the day. Today who knows what will happen, but I will be on my way again this afternoon, with the camera of course.

Enjoy the week-end and may the weather be with you and the fun. If it is raining that also has its good side. We spent a month without and my lawn was not very happy. I will leave you with yet another view of our local town of Solothurn and the River Aare which runs though it. The clouds also put on a show for me yesterday afternoon.

Solothurn 10.08.2018

12 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. You know I do not envy the weather in other regions much (although I do think that extreme weather would be fun to experience at least once), but your blue sky looks so blue. I am getting to miss that. We have such pretty orange dawns and sunsets, but they sky has been orange and hazy brown all day since all these fires started.

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    • Shame about your fires. That is not something we have so much in Europe. Ours weather is basically predictable according to the seasons, but we always have exceptional situations, as our summer has been with drought an extreme temperatures.

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      • Our fires are somewhat predictable too, in the sense that fires are part of life here. They always have been. Although it is sad that they are so destructive, it is a risk that we all accept to live here, just like earthquakes. My former home happened to be in a very risky neighborhood, but I always knew it. The charred stumps in the forest were constant reminders of a fires that burned through here in the 1950s. The Oakland Firestorm was the most destructive fire in the history of California, but it was certainly not the first fire in the region. Nor was the famous Great Earthquake of 1906 unusual for the region.

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        • Our main problems would be avalanches and landslides in the mountain regions and flooding if it rains too much. Earthquakes can happen but nothing heavy going. I have felt earth tremors as we are in an affected area, but the last big one was in Basel in the 14th century

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  3. I know we are not supposed to feed the swans, but some of our winters are truly brutal and I don’t think they would live through the season without some help. We lost a lot of swans a few years ago and they are just beginning to rebuilt their population now. They can’t GET the plants in the river when there are more than 3 feet of snow and ice on the ground and the temperatures are near zero.

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    • Our river is a long one and mingles with many others on its way. It very rarely freezes and has quite a mixed duck population. There have always been swan nests along the river. There is even a nesting place in town. They seem to survive quite well and there is always a family somewhere on the river


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