Flower of the Day: 11.08.2018 Lily Magnolia

Lily Magnolia 21.04 (1)

According to my app for plant identification, this is a Lily Magnolia. It grows in a garden near where I live and flowers in Spring when all good magnolias flower, so I suppose it must be one. It is not such a tall tree, and the flowers are sort of long petalled and floppy, very effectual.

Flower of the Day: 11.08.2018 Lily Magnolia

8 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: 11.08.2018 Lily Magnolia

  1. What a remarkable specimen! I have seen pictures of other magnolias that happen to have been in Switzerland, and was impressed that they look better there than they do here. I used to grow them in the 1990s. I sent a lily magnolia to my colleague in Southern California, and it was never happy there. It does not get much time to sleep in their brief winter.

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    • It is only a small tree and I did not even know what it was. Had to do some investigating to discover it was a magnolia. We have quite a few of them in our area and that are very impressive when they all flower.

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