RDP #68: Play

Ornament 25.07.2018

Let’s play a game, but which one should it be?
I used to play with dolls, my friend was a teddy bear
I dressed them and combed their hair and even gave them a wash
And then the games were finished, I had a new playground
It was called school, but my friends were real.  of flesh and blood
We would chase each other in the playground to see who could be caught
And the boys, did you ever play “kiss-chase”? But you did not catch them all
and sometimes you did not want to
School days were over and the earnest side of life began
It was still a game, but you were the prize
You had to find the right answers and solutions and you were paid for it
This was a great game, but only if you could solve the problems
It was no longer a “kiss-chase” but a rat race
There was also another game, more than just a kiss-chase
And if you won you could take the trophy home with you, or the trophy took you home
Play got a new meaning, it was no longer just a game
In your childhood days the washing, cooking and dressing was just a doll’s game
Now you were the doll and the fun became the earnest of life
You might even have your own living dolls, who were playing with their dolls
But you now had to dress your dolls and feed them and wash them, no longer a game to play, but reality
Your real dolls went to school, went to work, found their partner dolls
And you were now finished with playing games, you watched the others as they played
Perhaps one day you became the doll and were combed and washed and dressed

RDP #68: Play

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