Good Evening


They say better late than never, so this is a small compensation for the fact that I did not wish you a good morning this morning. Yesterday evening we had a few of those wonderful sunsets and I would have like to have shown them this morning. Unfortunately I had an appointment at the hospital for the surgeon to remove the stitches from my ear. The week of taking penicillin was over and I had been sleeping with 7 stitches in my Ear flap for 7 nights: no pain, but irritating.

So now I am back again in the land of the living with a changed ear. It does look very interesting, and I am sure that no one has a notch in the top flap of their ear like me. The outline of the ear takes a dip at the top, but returns again.  It is so nice to be original.

The doc decided to empty my ears of excess wax while he was doing the job. He had a new method that I did not know. Instead of the good old syringe with water, he has a mini mini vaccum cleaner and it sucks up the wax in the ear. I am sure my ancestors were candle makers as I seem to produce enough wax to make one, especially in the left ear.

However I am here again, although tomorrow might be a little late with my greetings as the cleaning woman will be here. Oh, the stress of a golden oldie. See you tomorrow or whatever it will be in your country.


14 thoughts on “Good Evening

  1. Today was ALSO Garry’s 2 week ear surgery follow-up, so we just got home. I wrote one thing before we left, but i wrote everything else last night so it would post this morning. I hope yours healed well. Garry’s seem to look really clean and it turns out there is still some hearing left in the “bad” ear, which should make getting him “up and running” easier. He is just terribly tired. I don’t know if the remnants of an anesthesia or the heat, but he’s so tired, he doesn’t want to do anything.

    Lovely sunset!!

    You could grow your hair an extra inch and it would cover the notch, or you could tell everyone you were kidnapped by fairies (or zombies, for that matter) and they left a mark so they know you.

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    • Glad that Garry is progressing. It is something that golden oldies have, more sleep. I have to be careful that I do not overdo it with the sleep, especially lunchtime. Mr. Swiss has never slept as much as I do, but I notice he now likes to lay in bed more in the morning.
      We are gettings some good sunsets at the moment.
      I don’t want to grow my hair. I am proud of my dip in the ear, after all it is unique. If Mr. Swiss loses me he just has to put a remark on the poster, she has a dip in the ear and they will soon find me.


  2. I also had the mini vaccum treatment a year ago, it was weird but it felt good when it was over. I could hear better that is for sure. Hope all is well on the mend …..

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