Good Morning

Evening Clouds

Yesterday afternoon I really though we were going to get the long needed rain in our area, if only to cool down by. The sky gathered a few clouds, and yes, I even heard thunder in the distance. What an excitement.

Half an hour later it looked like this.

Evening Clouds

It was nice while it lasted, but was not to be. And so we are left with the usual nice sunny days that are hot, hot, hot. This morning no clouds, just sun and welcome to Europe where the sun always shines in Summer. Mr. Swiss tells me there will be clouds again this afternoon. Depending on what sort of clouds, I might make an escape as it is now almost a week since I went anywhere in the afternoon and although I like my garden, it can get a little boring sitting outside and watching the grass grow, which is also not growing. It is under attack from the sun, and an army of European chafer grubs that are munching away at the roots and leaving us with destruction. I read that raccoons are good again the infestation as they dig them out of the ground and eat them, anyone with a raccoon to spare? We only see them in the zoo here.


Otherwise I had a visitor on my orchid yesterday afternoon out on the porch table. It was my No. 1 son that noticed it and asked “is that a grasshopper on that flower”. Of course I was in action with the camera to snap the moment. This time I think it really was a grasshopper and not one of those katydids which I believe are bigger. This poor little grasshopper seems to have lost one of his jumping legs somewhere.


And now to move on, although no big deal today. It is difficult to know what to eat when the hot weather takes away your appetite, so I am going for meals with no stress. Yesterday evening we made do with pizzas from the store. It is not worth the time and effort to make one myself at the moment.

I heard the sound of a  bumble bee outside, but even he disappeared so no photo, and he was really big. I am just left with the flowers. Hope your day becomes more eventful than mine are at the moment, I am now off to do something intelligent like clean up, iron and cook – all voluntary pasttimes of course.


9 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Best to get those jobs out of the way before it gets too hot. I know that too hot to do anything or go anywhere feeling only too well from when we lived in South Australia. I am so glad that so far summer in Tasmania is rarely that bad although in another five or ten years who knows.


  2. Raccoons do more than dig grubs. They dig anything that interests them! The spread trash all over the place! They are filthy! They harass and sometimes hurt or even kill cats! Tabby would not like that! Skunks are more efficient and neater with digging grubs, and they also eat snails and slugs (which might be why Pepe lePew is French). They are much nicer too.


  3. Great orchid and a very handsome grasshopper! I haven’t seen a grasshopper in a while. I think it’s that we don’t have grass and they aren’t fond of our green and stalky weeds.

    It’s incredibly hot outside today, but we might get a bit of rain tomorrow. Hopefully! It might cool things down a bit.

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    • We used to get more grasshoppers, but the grass is not growing so well this year thanks to the bugs. We seem to be getting more katydids.
      Our incredibly hot weather continues, but this afternoon there was a breeze and more clouds. Now and again we are getting storms in Switzerland, always somewhere else. At the moment they have had some floods in the french part of switzerland in the south.


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