RDP #65: Borborygmus

Chilli con carne

Did you say something?
Who me? Just a slurp
I was quietly digesting
And it turned into a burp

It was a wonderful meal
Probably the cucumber
It tends to generate gas
to explode quite asunder

Only last week
I prepared a bowl of chili
My boss was invited to dinner
And I began to feel so silly

It wasn’t the spice, I thought it might be
It seemed to be the beans
We digested both in our own accord
We were really a very good team

My boss remained cool, I was so very glad
He didn’t have a choice
I discovered that he was human after all
I think he lost his voice

It was when he smoked a cigar
He began to make a fuss
I gave him a whisky to follow up
To cure the borborygmus

My boss and I are now best of friends
We often eat together
He doesn’t mind my digestive problems
We are now birds of a feather

He promoted me to private secretary
We sit in our office alone
I wonder why people avoid us
They only make contact by phone

RDP #65: Borborygmus

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