Good Morning

Baselstrasse 03.08.2018

If this heatwave continues, you will only be getting photos from my journey to the supermarket because I do not have the energy or longing to take a wheelie in my chair in this hot weather. There is only an apology for a breeze to make it a pleasant and enjoyable trip.  Our little village has no stores at all, not even a restaurant at the moment because it is closed.

Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 16.11 (3)

We have to cross the railway tracks to get out of the village and travel through the town of Solothurn. The above photo shows the end of the road to Solothurn with a peek at our cathedral. You can see the railway lines in the road. Afterwards the journey goes north to Langendorf where they converted an old watch factory into a supermarket complex, although that was many years ago and many have forgotten the fact. It is handy for us beause we can get their by car and they have a good parking place outside. I now even have permission for a parking place for handicapped which is near the entrance, and not so much to walk.

Road Machine 03.08.2018

Here us one of the guys shifting the trolleys to make room for more. It is quite well organised. I notice that it is holiday time at the moment as there are not so many people there, although it is big enough to move around comfortably. You see how uneventful life is at the moment when all I have to drool about is the local shopping trip.

Did anything exciting happen yesterday? Not really. Mr. Swiss did say we will eat inside in the evening instead of on the  porch because it is so hot outside. Then the sun shifted its position, the porch became shady, and so we had the evening the meal outside. Oh, what excitement. Mr. Swiss watered the gardens, but we are not sure how long we can enjoy this privilege. In parts of Switzerland the hose pipe has been banned and we are facing a serious shortage of water. Drink water has priority and when nothing more comes out of the tap, then we will have to start buying mineral water, not a very good prospect.

Rheinfall 06.08 (30)

I was just browsing through my photos to see what I was doing a year ago and whether we had such heatwave weather. No, we were visiting son No. 2 and his wife in their house in a village near Schaffhausen. Naturally we took a trip to the Rheinfall which is one of their local sites. I wish we could savour the cool breezes now that we had on that visit. One of those never to be forgotten trips. My son and his wife often visit us with my grandson and we are planning on another excursion to his area. At the moment it would be too exhausting for us in this weather. We golden oldies do suffer under the heat.

Mr. Swiss is ready for an excursion to get a few forgotten bits and pieces for the week-end food and I will be pottering around at home keeping myself out of mischief and trying not to fall anywhere. I still have the stitches in my ear from the last escapade a week ago, but will be having them removed on Monday.

And now for action. Enjoy the week-end and stay cool, which is what I am trying to do, although the weather seems to have something against it. See you around.


This was the sunflower field opposite my son’s house in the Schaffhausen area a year go. It seems to be a local crop for the oil production in their area.

9 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • I know the step to the tram is quite shallow and it is probably possible to enter with the wheelchair, but having an electric one I travel fast enough without needing the tram.


  1. In England, many fields have turned to dust. We’ve gotten some rain. We’ve had regular rain almost every week which is unusual, but not undesirable. It is indeed a very strange weather pattern and I have a feeling that it will get stranger still. I’m surprised they are letting you water the garden. By this time of year, they have usually banned garden watering and car washing.

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    • Bannning watering the garden is already happening in some areas, mostly in East Switzerland. Our surrounding farms managed to get their first crops in before the heatwave and already planted the second one, which seems to be corn in most places. It is already quite high. England is less used to the long hot weather than most countries. I cannot remember a situation happening like this in the past.


  2. Langendorf was an old bakery in on South Seventh Street in San Jose decades ago. We took a field trip there in the second or third grade. It was an industrial neighborhood back then. Edelweiss Dairy was just a short distance to the south It is now a residential neighborhood, where homes are about a million and a half dollars.
    It will be over 110 degrees in Trona every day in the forecast, which is over 43 degrees in Celsius.

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    • Sounds like your Langendorf might be one of those areas in the states with some Swiss settlers. Our Langendorf is a watchmaking area with many old factories and the watchmakers school. It is very rural with a few farms and the largest psychiatric clinic in the area.
      Our heatwave continues, but we are not used to it.

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      • One of the excellent aspects of America is that there are people here from all over the world. I would guess that the Swiss family that established the bakery was from Langendorf.


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