We are living a strange summer this year. Perhaps not so strange, warm hot weather belongs to the summer, but this year it is a little over exaggerated. No. 2 son paid a visit yesterday evening and we were sitting out on the porch. I was explaining my methods of taking photos with the phone camera, and there was a cloud above. It was approaching the twilight hour, so caught one of the last sun rays as a reflection. This photo is the result. Looks quite eerie as if it had a hidden meaning, like the apocalypse us coming, although that is probably my wild imagination.

As you get older you forget some things, but I cannot remember such a summer as this one. The heat is continuous, it does not even cool up so much at night. The fields where the crops are growing are drying out, fish are dying in the rivers because of the heat. An advantage is that the snail and slug population seem to have disappeared, but there are other insects scuttling around and even they are getting slower and less.

At the moment it is a real end of the world doomsday feeling and we golden oldies are feeling the disadvantages. My excursions into the unknown with my wheelchair are now reduced to none. It is too hot and I notice that there are less and less people around. The town is empty but the river is full of swimmers cooling down in the water.

Swans and swimmers on the Aare

Even the swans are wondering why their space has so many other species with two legs at the moment.

We have a week-end shopping trip before us, but are really out of ideas on what to buy and eat. The appetite suffers under the hot weather and you have no wish for any food.

Golden Rod

My golden rod is now flowering in the garden. Every evening Mr. Swiss and I divide the task of watering the garden. I notice my neighbour is also busy at the same time with her hose.  We used to have showers of rain now and again to do the job for us, but that seems to be a thing of the past. I have a camera ready to take photos, but in this heat I no longer have interest in going anywhere. Is this the result of the climate change? Or is it just one of those things that can happen? There used to be dinosaurs on the earth and for some mysterious reason they all disappeared, so who knows.

And now to move on in my usual routine and hope to find a rain maker somewhere. Europe is quite hard hit with the heat as it is really exceptional. I am now off to cool down with a vacuum cleaner, so have a good day everyone.


11 thoughts on “GoodMorning

  1. i hear that Europe is having terrible high temps. i know it’s summer but there are limits to extreme weather. enjoy the weekend but please stay cool, both you and Mr. Swiss,

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    • And there is no end in sight up to now. It seems it will continue until next week. I do not remember having such constant high temperatures before. We used to go South for sunny holidays, now we can just stay at home and enjoy it.

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  2. It got pretty close to 100 today (38 to you) and tornadoes are popping up all over the state. We don’t get tornadoes up here, but we’ve had a bunch of them this year. We’ve gotten rain (we usually don’t) and we had a very long winter and some of the most powerful spring storms I ever remember. Actually, overall, our weather is kind of normal compared to almost everywhere else I look. It’s hot, but it’s summer and hot weather isn’t all that unusual. We’ve gotten rain, that IS unusual, but we need it. But the Midwest is flooded, California and Colorado is on fire, the south is so dry it’s going to blow away. And the drought in England is getting downright scary.


    • It is not only England, but Europe. Fields are yellow and beginning to burn. In Switzerland they are flying water to the alps as the cows have none because the mountain streams are drying up. Temperatures are constantly hot and fish are suffocating as they also have a temperature limit in the lakes. They have now banned watering the gardens an plants in some parts of Europe and drinking water is getting scarce.


  3. Weather changes like the weather. When I was a kid, we were worried about the impending doom of the next Ice Age. We were expecting the region to be overwhelmed by glaciers by now. Instead, we are now worried about the glaciers melting. There are warm years. There are dry years. There are cold years. It is presumptuous of us to think that we know what is going on.

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    • I dont want to get political, but according to a certain president who will not ne mentioned, there is no such thing as climate change. In my 70+ years I don’t remember a European Summer like this one. Looks like it will be only small potatoes next Winter and vegetable prices will be rising.


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