A Photo a Week Challenge: Music


You asked for music so here it is. My husband Mr. Swiss, on the drums on the left, and the others have been around for so many years, they more or less grew up together in the jazz world. No traditional jazz here, think of mainstream and you are near to it. Mr. Swiss loved jazz from the beginning when he had his first drum lessons as a young teenager. We now have two sets of drums, in the hobby room in the cellar. Thank goodness we have good insulation and he can practice.

The photo was from a jam session in 2012 in a  renovated farmhouse that belongs to one of the music colleagues. They sprout up everywhere here. Now we are 6 years later. The jam sessions are now few and far between, the youngsters now golden oldies, but they can still play and still have their fun.

And here is another one in a local restaurant with another group. And me, I can play piano, but nothing to appear on stage with and I am one of the most qualified experts on Bebop and mainstream as a part time job. When you are married for 50 years to a jazzer,  you become a part time expert.

Music Leue 036

A Photo a Week Challenge: Music

8 thoughts on “A Photo a Week Challenge: Music

    • They used to have their reholar Quartetts and Trios etc. and had public engagements, although they all had their regular jobs. Now they are golden oldies and now and again have a jam session, although as they get older no longer so much

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