Good Morning

Morning Moon

At the moment I am not going places for a great photographic event, but most of my photos are from home, so I hope that something spectacular might happen. This morning my first glance out of the kitchen window door was that I saw the moon still hanging around. The sun was also somewhere, so they were saying good night and good morning to each other. With a mobile phone camera you do not get close ups but this just about meets it.


The next event of the morning was the appearance of Tabby in front of the window, who seemed to be expecting something. Mr. Swiss was organising the garbage (see bag in front of the window) and Tabby had the feeling that their might be something in it for her. Of course she got a kibble just to make it all worth while.

Yesterday was a strange evening for our national 1st August Swiss Day. Fireworks had been forbidden due to fire danger as we have had no real rain showers for a few weeks, and instead of the background noise of bangs and seeing rockets in the air, it was a quiet normal summer evening. To be quite honest, I did not miss it, and my cat, well you can imagine how happy she was.

The only spectacular event yesterday was this.


We live on the ground floor with a garden. The block is only three storeys high. Someone in one of the other appartments had celebrated a birthday, probably a kid’s birthday, and had decorated with balloons. One of the balloons got lose and floated down to our garden. For lack of anything more interesting I took a photo. It must have been the remainder of the festivities as I heard no-one singing Happy Birthday in our block.

Gala Apples

I noticed these two nice red apples on my tree in the garden yesterday. They are the gala sort and the result of an apple pip that I planted in a pot in the office when I was a working lady. It began to grow and I took the seedling home and planted it in the garden. It has now been growing for at least 15 years and developed into a tree. I was surprised to see the first apples three years ago, although nothing spectacular and they were a prey for insects. This year I have at least 20 gala apples on the tree. They are not so big, but looking good in their coloured coats. I also have a Fiorina apple tree, which is having problems supporting the 1-200 apples it is bearing at he moment. Reports in the news tell us that we have having an excellent year for fruit production due to the weather and the harvest will be a month earlier than usual. It looks like Mr. Swiss will be kept busy baking his Swiss apple flans.

And that is that, so where shall I go today? It looked like we might have a summer storm yesterday, but the clouds stayed in the East of Switzerland around Zürich where they had hail, strong winds, thunder, lightening and the complete weather show. The storm stayed there and did not bother to move onto our area. If the heatwave continues with its 35° C temperatures, I will be relaxing on the porch. It is not even healthy to go out in such heat at the moment. Where there is a computer, you always have something to do. Even a walk along the local river is getting too hot.

River Aare 30.07 (1)

I wish you all a great day, take it easy and enjoy, and the others – sleep well.

14 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I celebrated Swiss day yesterday and yes no fireworks this year but we had a “fire show with some acrobatics” from a look alike of Keanu Reeves. Yes it was hot alright. 😂

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  2. Well, lacking the fireworks, happy falling balloon day and those are mighty fine apples on your tree. Our bright morning has turned into pounding rain. We don’t usually GET rain this time of year. Summer is usually drought time in New England. Not this year. We haven’t had the flooding we’ve seen in the middle of the country, but our rivers are full — which I think means our dams are full and that is good.

    But overall? The weather has been disastrous around the world. I’m betting it’s going to get worse.

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    • It is developing into some sort of Hollywood catastrophe film. We have parched earth,, storms in between with catastrophic results and back to the record temperatures of the century in between. Even the sky has exceptional planet constellations


    • We say Happy Birthday because “Viel Glück zum Gerburtstag” would be too many words to write. Everyone understands it here.
      As far as my apple tree is concerned, it was just luck. The pip began to grow, the seedling got taller and I put it in the garden. Within a couple of years i had a small tree and after many years the first apples.

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      • Oh my! Happy Birthday would do just fine. It is amazing that the Swiss can understand each other with a language like that. They could misspell anything, and no one would know!


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