RDP #62: Monsoon

Rain 22.01 (5)

I was listening to the news
It was giving me the schmooze
combined with showing blues
of a sunny sky to choose

And as the speaker spoke
I really had to choke
He was a silly bloke
one of the weather folk

He told me there would be rain
Not coming from sunny Spain
It would not be on the plain
I hoped it would fall down the drain

As I sit outside on the porch
I really begin to scorch
The sun burns like a torch
I could have been cooking bortsch

And then I heard a rumble
A really mega bumble
I nearly took a tumble
The news report was a dumbbell

A man began to build
Hammering wood to yield
He was not having a lark,
He was forming an ark

My cat looked quite perplexed
I think he was getting vexed
He began to scratch a text
Whatever would come next

My feline was quite hooha
And told me the man was Noah
He wanted to meet Jehovah
with two of each animals in towa

And then the rain began to fall
The heavens threw a fireball
40 days and nights were the call
but the ark was very tall

My cat and me and many
decided to spend a penny
We joined the ark when he
decided to sail with any

The journey was a boon
We followed the trail of the moon
The animals sang a tune
Oh what a lovely monsoon

Morning Clouds

RDP #62: Monsoon

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