Flower of the Day: 01.08.2018 Edelweiss


Today is 1st August, the Swiss National day, so I went for the search for the Swiss national flower and yes, it is the Edelweiss. Now and again it is sold in our store, and I take a photo. Otherwise I do not often see it growing as it is an Alp flower, very high up and needs the cold temperatures to develop. It is not a beauty like the rose, but it has its charm.

Flower of the Day: 01.08.2018 Edelweiss

8 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: 01.08.2018 Edelweiss

  1. There were a few blooming above Kleine Scheidegg when I was there two years ago. I had never seen them before. My next door neighbor planted them last fall, but our last winter — which was very warm — probably disillusioned the plants. 😦

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  2. Even though it is not as beautiful as the rose, it is important to those who know it. To me, the apricot bloom is awesome! There are prettier flowering cherries, but the common fruiting apricot is still my favorite!

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      • Well, apricot bloom is not necessarily my favorite flower. I just really REALLY like it. There are certainly better flowers for cutting. I think that is how people feel about edelweiss. It may not be the prettiest for cutting and bringing inside, but it is culturally important.

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          • I have actually seen the seeds in nurseries here! It seems like a scam, but I sometimes want to try it. I think that the seeds must have been frozen to germinate. If they bloom and grow here, it would not be forever like the song suggests. Someone would need to be very diligent about collecting the seed and freezing them. Even then, I really doubt they would like the climate here. My colleague worked in Austria for a while, so we might try some at work. I think people who recognize them might like them. That is, of course, if they actually bloom here.

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