RDP #59: Whisper

Dandelion Seed heads 23.07 (2)

Whisper if you see them, remember not to move
They are hanging on for dear life, you make them disapprove
Waiting for a light breeze to carry them away
Be quick with taking a photo, before they decide to stray
They are delicate, break  their anchors and also have no fear
Searching for another field, to grow again next year
Remember if you see them, just waving in the breeze
Be very quiet just whisper and avoid a blasting sneeze

RDP #59: Whisper

Good Morning


Yesterday my day did not actually develop as I had planned. It should have been a tidying session, some ironing, cook lunch, midday golden oldie sleep and then up and away for a tour somewhere with the camera. My No. 1 son was at an open air rock concert all day, so it was just the two of us. Unfortunately due to one of my famous falls in the morning we were four, or was it five, hours in the “Notfall” (ER in english) in the afternoon in hospital. I had a few knocks, but also managed to alter the shape of my ear a little with a neat and tidy cut. After an hour waiting and a few registration processes that they actually knew who I was and insured, I eventually saw the doc.

She saw that there was a large tear in the  cartilage on the ear and it was not just a question of sewing it together. It needed a specialist. They found him and eventually he got to work with an assistant. First of all I had to have a few injections, something like the dentist. During the op he added a couple more. Poor Mr. Swiss had to sit around waiting for it all to happen. Eventually I was sewn together again and now resemble Van Gogh the painter with a bandage cover on my left ear. He chopped his ear off in a fit, I just did it all by accident. The ear is still there of course, but will now become an interesting ear when the stitches are removed next week. I am now confined to home until tomorrow, when I can remove the bandage. I do have a photo in glorious technicolor that the doc did for me with my iPhone, but will keep it in the files. Not everyone enjoys such photos.

View from the window

Luckily life does not only have a dark side. Yesterday it rained now and again, by the afternoon it had cleared away and this morning we are back to normal. It is still nothing special, with a lingering mist in the air from yesterday’s rain, but the weather prophets have declared a return to heat wave temperatures this week. The view from the living room window looks OK. Do you see the plant at the front on the right? That is my mint plant in the living room.


I also have one outside on the table on the porch and this one is in the kitchen. They are there for a purpose. I don’t mind a mint tea, but that is not the reason. I read somewhere in internet probably, that mint keeps the flies away. They are an annoyance outside and in the kitchen and living room. It only needs one or two buzzing around. Armed with a fly swatter does not help much, they are the survival acrobats. They were selling the mint in the supermarket so I got a few and I must say I now rarely see a fly indoors and we can now eat outside without any buzzing interruptions. There is always one or two that slip through the radar system, but it does help. I could plant the mint in the garden., but it is a plant that spreads and can take over the garden.

Pine Hawk Moth - dead

Anther interesting discovery this morning was this dead moth outside on the porch table. After examination and comparison it seems to be a Pine Hawk Month that had got lost on a flight and did a kamikaze nosedive. After having its photo taken we disposed of it. It was really big, perhaps escaped from one of those laboratories, who knows.

Today is a no stress day for all I hope.  My mum always did a Sunday dinner whilst me and dad disappeared to the Sunday morning market “down the lane” in my old home town section of London in Bethnal Green. Look after yourselves and be careful where you walk and how you walk, although as long as there is an ER there is a way.

Echinacea 25.07 (2)