Good Morning


Who would have thought it that this morning I would be awoken with an enormous clap of thunder that nearly shook me out of bed. The heatwave days have ended, just for this morning probably, and it is now raining with a background of thunder as I sit at the computer in the kitchen. My first thought was to put the plants outside to get some rainwater to save bothering to water them myself. In the meanwhile the doorbell rang. There were two rings as the first one remained unanswered as I had to dress into something respectable, only be in nightdress. Yes, it was the postlady, as we know they only ring twice, so I had to hurry. Mr. Swiss was in the shower. Why do these things always happen at the wrong time. I had to sign for a parcel and am now back at the computer, after putting the remaining plants outside. Oh, the stress of a golden oldie.

Kapizinerstrasse 26.07 (2)

It looks like the sunny days are making a pause for the meanwhile. My son is planning on a day at an open air concert, but Mr. Swiss said it will probably stop raining by the time he goes. At the moment it is a steady drip which I do not mind. The heat was getting a bit oppressive over the last few days.

Yesterday evening was a moon eclipse evening and I was sitting outside on the porch until 11.30 trying to get a shot of it all. I even saw Mars next to it, although that was more like a bigger star than a planet. I have not yet uploaded the photos, but they are more luck than judgement. I could not be bothered to fit up the tripod with all the attachments, so my shaky hand had a few double moons and stripes of light. I will see what I can do today with the photos.

Spider 25.07 (1)

And by the way, meet Fred. He is our new guard on the porch and devours all the nasty flies that arrive in his web. He has been there for at least a month and getting bigger all the time. I am not yet sure what type of spider he is, but he keeps himself to himself. Now and again he/she disappears but in the evening he is always there hovering and waiting. It might be a lady, so I will have to wait to see if any eggs appear. Male spiders tend to avoid the ladies as they never know if they will be a meal after their first meeting.

If the weather does get friendly this afternoon I will probably break free and go somewhere for a wheelie in my chair. In the mean it is Saturday morning so I have things to clean up and walks to take with the vacuum cleaner.

Flowerbeds 27.07 (1)

See you around, make the most of the day, and I will now keep myself out of  mischief with the vacuum cleaner.

11 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I heard that you fell and ended up in the hospital getting stitched up. Again. You have to stop doing that! I worry about you a lot — and with you on the other side of the world, the worry is particularly hard to deal with.

    I hope you are resting now. Preferably sleeping. Please, please take care of yourself. You matter very much to me, more than you realize!


    • Yes i did it again. I fell and eventually managed to get on my feet again, but nothing broken thank goodness. I had a knock on my left wrist which is bruised and hit the left side of ,my face when I was going down as my wheelchair was in the way. Something cut iinto my left ear, cutting not only the skin but the cartilage which was the problem. They had to organise a surgeon to stitch it together because cartilage cannot be treated like skin and there was quite a tear. The surgeon and his assistant worked on it for about an hour. I had to have a few injections to numb the pain. I now look like a Vam Gogh replica when he cut his ear off, as I have a similar bandage on mr left ear. Tomorrow evening I can remove it and in a week I go to the hospital to have the stitches removed. Thank you for your concern. I just do not know the solution to my problem. I am despairing myself.


      • At least they could stitch it back on. You must have a scar just like Garry’s, which goes almost around the whole back of the air. It has, for what it is worth, healed up almost completely in just about a week. I’m still cleaning it and dabbing it with antibiotic ointment, but otherwise, it’s pretty much healed up. And THEY cut a hole in his skull, too.

        I move slowly. VERY slowly. It’s not because I couldn’t go faster, but because I’m unsteady — and so is Garry. So if we are particularly unbalanced, we stay home. AND upstairs. I’m in terror of our stairs. And there isn’t much I can do about it. If I could iron the house flat, I would.

        I suspect that you will have to learn to think carefully about which piece of you is going where when you walk. There isn’t really an answer for us. We are getting older and we have a lot of physical problems that are not going away. Some days, I get very depressed about it, then I realize that it is what it is. There’s nothing to be gained by brooding. I will do the best I can and that will have to be enough.

        If there were a cure of old age, we couldn’t afford it anyway!

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      • Pat–you fell?! You know I think you are the most amazing person with your wheelies every day. And that makes me laugh when you say that because when someone does a wheelie here, it means they are riding their two-wheeler bike only on the back tire, with the front tire in the air. I always think, “Go, Pat! Go!” Mr Swiss was there with you? Please do be careful.

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