RDP #56: Salvage

Ducks 26.07 (1)

Our local river Aare is basically a clean river and the only salvage you find is perhaps an empty plastic bottle that someone left to float instead of packing it into his bathing trunks or perhaps a MacDonalds hamburger wrapper.  Of course there is plenty of flotsam and jetsam around from the various plants that eventually begin to decompose.

Our ducks have now specialised. If there are no bread remainders donated by the river bank pilgrims, like myself, or no hot dog remains,  just find a nice place on the edge to salvage what there is to salvage. This afternoon I was wheeling back home in my chair along the edge of the river and my camera with its various lens was ready for action. I saw a group of ducks gathered together. I love taking photos of ducks. They had found something to eat. There was a mixture of vegetation and other interesting undefinable material that sent a duck message saying “grub’s up” or “first come first served”. They were pecking away and making the most of the surprise dinner.

How common thought these two ducks, who were just watching and shaking their heads.

Ducks 26.07 (9)

RDP #56: Salvage

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