Good Morning

Feldbrunnen 23.07 (8)

Although we have a blue sky with absolutely no clouds, the sun has not appeared in its full power up to now, but perhaps it is not quite awake yet, like me. The first steps in the morning are almost the most difficult, because I am never certain if my feet are attached to my legs. At the moment I think I am getting there and managed to arrive in the kitchen in one place, pushing my walker loaded with the computer. I have now put the walker away again, I hate that thing. I was forced to use it for the first four months of this year when I broke my leg, but it is now a thing of the past I hope. It is just handy for transport.

Maize 23.07 (2)

Yesterday it was too hot to go anywhere, the heat wave has returned. The maize in the fields enjoy the heat, but I just wilt way. Outside on the porch I at least have shade from the blind. We had a visit from one of the neighbours in the village this week. She is missing Sputnik, her ginger cat, since a week. Another neighbour told her the cat was seen in his front garden, but their dog chased it away. We noted the telephone number and are keeping our eye open for it. That is the only excitement we have at the moment.

Pony 23.07 (4)

I walked past the stables this week, but the only horse I saw was the resident pony. He seems to be the only one that ventures outside, the others all remain inside in their stalls. Now and again I see someone having a ride on one of the horses.

It is really now the lazy days of summer. These are now the two weeks when we use to have our annual holidays when we still belonged to the official working force. We would depart early on Saturday morning, heading for the Bernese Overland where we usually rented a holiday apartment. On the way there was the customary 30 minute traffic jam somewhere between Bern and Spiez, with all the other holiday makers on their way. There would also be many cars with foreign number plates  from the bordering countries.  We usually arrived in the early afternoon, unpacked and would settle down for the next two weeks, having a view of the Eiger and Jungfrau from the balcony. If the weather was good, which it usually was, we would be on daily walks up and down the mountain slopes with a packed lunch in the rucksack. Who needs a beach and the ocean if you are living in Switzerland. We have our own gifts of nature. Today I can only look at the photos in our albums and wonder how I managed to do it all. I can now be glad to manage my walk around the supermarket for shopping, and I need a stick for that. Mr. Swiss leans on the trolley for support.

Which remind me I should now get a move on with some tidying up of the apartment and get ready for today’s excursion into the unknown. I am sure you all have your own quests to fulfil, so I will not detain you any longer with my drivel. Keep safe, and enjoy the day as much as possible. Always look on the bright side etc. etc.

Flowerbed 23.07.2018

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