RDP #54: Reflection

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Stepping through a mirror seeing the world from the other side
Would it be different, I could perhaps hide
from the daily burden of things to be done
try to find me, I would become no-one
Put you hand on the mirror and give it a push
I would stay on the other side, not even a woosh
Right becomes left and left is now right
but up and down remain, through the day and through the night
I want to return and I begin to shout
The mirror is closed, please let me out
No-one can hear me, I am in another place
A  shadow of myself lost without a trace
I have now changed completely, am in a different class
If Alice could do it, so can I, through the looking glass

RDP #54: Reflection

9 thoughts on “RDP #54: Reflection

    • I took that photo some time ago. One of my experiments of opening two mirrors simultaneously. At least I cannot fall if I go through the mirror, I only have to remember to wear my wedding ring on the other hand.


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