Good Morning

Clouds 23.07 (5)

We have just plain blue skies this morning with plenty of sun and a promise of a very hot day again. The photo is from yesterday afternoon when I went for a wheelie in my chair around the local castle. You can see the path up to the castle in the background. It was a bright afternoon when I left and in the middle of my journey there were spots of rain with no warning. I was in sleeveless and shorts sitting in my chair and open to all weather variations. Luckily it was just a few rain drops and nothing serious.

I like going on my journeys, but sometimes I run out of ideas. I was not keen on going into town on Monday afternoon and the castle and the stables are just across the road. I can always combine the visit with a wheelie through the cemetery on the way.

Tractor 23-07-2018

Someone was busy with a digging machine in the cemetery, there is always work to be done there I suppose.

Flowerbed 23.07 (3)

You also find some very artistic flower arrangements on the graves. I was not sure if this one was plastic or the real thing, but it seems to be quite original. I found it very decorative all in white.

Of course a tour of the village could not be completed without a visit to the chickens

Chickens 23.07 (4)

or the goats

Goat 23.07.2018

who seem to be busy with keeping the grass under control and help the rooster to make sure his womenfolk are behaving.

Today is day of the cleaning lady which is why I am a little later with saying good morning. She is now busy at work and I can now be a lady of leisure.

Crows 23.07 (6)

I noticed that the farmer has now harvested the crops growing on the fields around the castle and left the remains for the crows who seem to be quite happy about the arrangements. I now see fields of maize growing everywhere which will be used for the animal food. It is not the corn on the cob variety.

And now I have a few windows to clean, but no stress and this afternoon will probably a stay at home.

Hoping your day will be a good one, even if you might be a member of the working force. I leave you with a glimpse of the local castle Waldegg.

Castle Waldegg 23.07.2018

6 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Kind of gloomy here. I don’t think we’re getting any rain, though. Just a lot of humidity and enough heat to make life uncomfortable. The granddaughter is taking me grocery shopping and Garry is feeling well enough to complain. Ain’t life grand?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Couldn’t get better. If someone cannot complain then things are really bad. I am glad to stay at home this afternoon, we have one of those hot afternoons, just like High Noon.


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