RDP #53: Zing

Pink floating flamingo

Take a walk along the local river, turn the corner in the path and “ZING” was my first reaction. A giant sized pink flamingo on the banks of a Swiss River?  I approached, but he remained and did not say a word. He looked quite smart in his pink dress.Then he slipped into the river, waved with his enormous wings and floated off to the land where the flamingos swim I suppose. I did see a small label on the bottom of his wing, I was sure it said “Made in China” but I thought that the pink flamingoes were at home in the States. Perhaps it is all due to the climate change and they are now settling in Switzerland.

RDP #53: Zing

4 thoughts on “RDP #53: Zing

  1. There used to be tens of thousands of real-life pink flamingos in Florida and other points south, but climate change and habitat destruction have reduced them to an increasingly rare species. There are now MANY more plastic ones than real ones. And that is sad. They were quite a spectacle when a few thousand of them rose into the air together.

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    • We only see them in the zoo here. This was an inflatable flamingo, I was so surprised when I saw it. I had to do some photo shopping on the photo to get rid of the man and his lady dressed in bathing suits.


  2. 🙂
    The real thing was seen by me in Florida, the secon best in the Zürich Zoo….. I’d rather like one now AND have access to the Aare 😉 – And yep, I’m keeping on dreaming!

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