RDP #52: Time


An online colleague in Australia
might be early with the prompt
Another is not bothered,
in the states she does not want
Down under they have morning
for prompting a perfect time
In America they are sleeping
the alarm not ready to chime
I have afternoon at 2 o’clock
and almost ready to go
That is when it should arrive
but I take it nice and slow
I decide to go for a walk,
I still have plenty of time
But the prompt has not yet arrived
This is almost a crime
In a country far away
they have the evening hour
And so there is no rush
Although it makes us very sour
Returning from my walk
The prompt is still not there
Perhaps New Zealand should be choosing
I really don’t know where
We are all together woven
in our online internet net
but if we only had the same time
we would not have a cold sweat
There is only one solution
We must co-ordinate our clocks
It would make prompting life much easier
And not be stranded on the rocks

RDP #52: Time

9 thoughts on “RDP #52: Time

    • I usually post late afternoon until early evening and do a good morning around 8.00 am. Otherwise my computer is closed unless I have online payments or photo work. I got used to international time when I was working as an export clerk.


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