Good Morning

Solothurn Railway Station

No. 1 son arrived safely home yesterday evening from his holiday in Italy and  we picked him up and the local station. He is naturally very much sun tanned and enjoyed his holiday. It is not very often I go anywhere in the evening. Stations are not the best places to be I noticed. It is not a main station like Zürich or Bern: just a few platforms and trains that come through but there are always collections of people there from other places that make you want to avoid them. At one time if you arrived at the station there was always some young man that asked you for a few francs that he could stay at the overnight place for the homeless, although the money was usually spent on a supply of drugs.

Anyhow we survived and arrived home and I put the first load of washing in the machine that my son brought home as a souvenir. Actually he is very good and packs is nicely in plastic bags so all I have to do is empty and sort them. The first wash is already dry and I collected it this morning for the ironing marathon.

Sunset over the Jura

As we were driving home from the station I noticed we get some very interesting sunsets over the Jura in the evening. I should really undertake a few more wheelie trips in my wheelchair in the early evening. The temperatures are more pleasant and so are the phtographic results. Here you can see the sun set behind the town of Solothurn as we crossed the bridge.

Sunset over the Jura

The sunset even followed us to the entrace of our village.

It was a family day yesterday as No. 2 son with family also arrived. My grandson is growing and his favourite is now standing and holding onto something and making his first independent steps. His crawling abilities have improved and his speed is quite astonishing on hands and feet. We noticed that he is now at the stage where all interesting and breakable objects at the bottom of the bookcase should be removed. He is quite interested in books, but does not read them, just likes to have a touch and feel and move the pages. They are probably the first steps to becoming an author.

His language is still undefinable, but umm-mumm seems to mean food of which he is a great fan. There were no signs of fatigue and he was wide awake all the time, Just the grandparents were a little exhausted eventually, but it is lovely to see him and watch how he is growing.

Sunset over the Jura

And now life reverts to a normal Sunday where No. 1 son will probably remain sleeping until almost lunch time and I will take it easy. I really, really want to go somewhere this afternoon. After almost two days of colder, miserable weather this morning the sun is shining and my camera needs food.

Hibiscus 18.07 (1)

My hibiscus in the garden still has it daily show of flowers. They only live for a day but the next morning the new batch arrive already to replace them. They leave behind the seed pods which I like to leave on the bush. During the autumn and winter months they serve as a feeding station for our birds.

Have a good Sunday and relax. I know I used to when I was a working woman. It is the Mondays that used to bother me.

11 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • No problem, although he had spent very little time with him up to now. He isbquite happy to now have a baby nephew. He also,has a good relationship, with his brother who knows that one day he will have to take over responsibility for the brother.

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      • Well, in a way you are all lucky, that your No.1 son does not need help dressing or washing or things like that and is able to go about most of his life unaided (needs somebody to cook for him and do his washing, obviously). Since No. 2 son lives quite some way away from you, your No. 1 son will have to change his place of living when his brother takes over. And of working or whatever he is up to during the day. That will be complicated enough for your sons. But that is then and now is now. They will have to find a way and it will no longer be your responsibility or that of Mr Swiss.

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        • He is very independent and he took over with the daily housework like washing and ironing when I broke my leg. He was quite good with the washing machine. He can cook and do the shopping, but it is not necessary when I do it. he would also not have to move as there is a good possibility to keep his job and stay in the area.

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          • Now, that is good news indeed, if he can live on his own, that would indeed make it easier for his brother – and it must be a huge relieve to you.


  1. It is sad that drug addiction is so common everywhere. The attitude here among the haters is to chase them all out into someone else’s community, as if they all migrate here from somewhere else. The problem is endemic. The addicts are mostly native. They do not come from somewhere else.
    I still wonder how it happens. When I was younger, I knew what drugs did. It was not so bad back then. When presented with the opportunity to try them, the choice was obvious. Why would I want to do something that is so self destructive. I had enough problems already. Yet, people do it all the time.
    I do not mean to rant about all that. Perhaps I will start a blog about it someday, so that I can rant about it all I want to.

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    • It was quite a problem with some groups in Switzerand, especially where there were places where they all congregated. Zürich got quite notorius but it does not seem to be so bad today, although there is still trafficking behind closed doors. We have no problems in our family. It seemed to me that the youngsters go through a phase to try everything, and either it stays or not, but in the most cases it is just the experimental thing.

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  2. The evening pictures are lovely. You definitely should take more of them! I wish I could get a reasonable sunrise or sunset here in the summer. Too many trees!

    I remember when Owen reached the hiking stage. Then, like two weeks later, he walked. Just like that. He didn’t practice except hiking around on the furniture. Be careful. Some kids (I won’t name any) get enthusiastic and start ripping out pages because ripping up paper is FUN, Grandma!

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    • That is exactly what I thought. EVening has really some good effect. My son told me that the grandson has no interesting in what is in the book, just that there are pages to handle. He is now approaching 10 months, but is really finding his feet. Crawling is perfect and fast.


  3. Our hibiscus bushes are blooming now as well–there are vast areas of them locally, and so nice to see. The ones in our yard are doing well too, one tiny and with one bloom so far, and one rather big, with many blooms starting.

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