RDP #51: Duck

Ducks 18.06 (6)

I am surrounded by them, ducks are everywhere. Take a walk along the river and they watch me with suspicion. They think the river belongs to them.

Ducks 27.05 (5)

It is a conspiracy I am sure. They are always standing in organised groups. If you walk past they begin to quack and flutter their wings with a threatening look in their eye. Always make sure you have some bread with you. They will not let you pass unless they get their bribes.

Ducks 21.01 (3)

You cannot trust them. They will organise themselves and hold conferences planning their next quacks. They are spies noticing your every move. One day you will enter your bathroom at home and run away again, finding that the bath is full of ducks. There is no escape. They are planning on a takeover bid.  It all began when the stores were selling the rubber ducks. They got jealous. There is nothing as good as a real duck with feathers was their motto.

Ducks 26.04 (4)

You might only see one duck and the more colourful the more treacherous. This is just the reconnaissance. They are just checking on the possibilities of a take over.

Ducks are quacking everywhere, even in the local government.

RDP #51: Duck

6 thoughts on “RDP #51: Duck

  1. Ducks are fun. And there are so MANY of them. I don’t even recognize all the different kinds we have just locally. And I think they cross-breed, too, so there are lots more. Everybody and everything loves ducks 🙂

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