Good Morning


Yesterday the hot weather broke, at last. In the afternoon tbere were a few warning claps of thunder and it began to rain: not too much, but enough to cool down the temperatures and have a stay at home afternoon. This morning it is still dull, but cooler and it suits me. The view is from my front garden across the Bernese flat lands and you can even see the hills in the distance before the alps begin to rise.

I have just cleared the mess away from my breakfast. It will be a bit of a busy day today. No. 2 son is visiting with his wife and son this afternoon and in the evening No. 1 son returns from his 2 week holiday in Italy bring two weeks of washing with him. It is only once a year, but it will be a machine full of t-shirts and shorts mixed with our own wash,

Grenchenstrasse 20.07.2018

I noticed on our trip to the supermarket yesterday that the sunflower fields are still showing their flowers, although now more seed heads than flowers. Perhaps I might make another excursion there for some photos. I have not been so much out and about as I would like to lately,  but we had some hot weather, and daily life got a bit in the way. Yesterday we did the usual week-end shopping trip, but I was not so much into the details. Mr. Swiss and I are really only eating quick meals as both of us are not very hungry, but No. 1 son will be back today, and he is permanently hungry. I do not think it is so much hunger, he just eats what is there (unless it is broccoli or mushrooms which he will not touch). He now has two weeks of pasta behind him in Italy, which is one of his favourites.

Jura 20.07.2018

I will now be busy putting the linen on my son’s bed although Mr. Swiss will be helping as I have a bit of a problem with putting on the fitted sheets. Actually I am doing quite well at the moment. I rarely use my stick for support at home and can manage walking on my own, although it reminds you of the Ministry of strange walks, but I can do it. I decided some time ago that MS is a label worth fighting against. Of course I have my problems, mainly a tiredness, but five minutes lay down on the bed and I am back again. MS has many faces but I realised I can overcome a lot but sheer wanting to. I often forget where I have put my stick, and realise I  can do it without. The walker has now been banned, and only used for transporting stuff like my computer which I like to take outside on the porch when I have something to do on it.

I also noticed that I can do my house cleaning much easier without having some sort of apparatus for support. When I broke my leg at the beginning of the year I was almost helpless, but somehow I persevered, even if I was carrying the mop and vacuum with my walker. The day when I could do it all without extra support was a new life for me and I felt human again. OK, a certain person is always telling me not to overdo it, but I have to try it out, and after spending 4 months in a semi invalid state, I am read to go again.

And now to move on, there are things to be done today. I am not sure how much and whether I will be around today, but even blogless can happen. Keep well, enjoy whatever you are looking forward to. See you when I see you, most probably on the flip side.

Bipperlisi 20.07 (4)

9 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I keep forgetting to use my cane. And there are certain places I tend to use it. My gait is not good as when they correct my hip at the joint was change by two inches. The last few days I have been I’ll as my hiatal hernia has been acting up.

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    • It is at home where I often forget the cane, but often only notice it when I am half way there. My left leg is now a few centimeters shorter than the right, but I can live with it. Sorry that you have having pains,

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  2. Hauling myself all over the hospital yesterday reminded me that I CAN do it, but it isn’t much fun. It wasn’t a great week. I woke up with the fibromyalgia active. Usually, I just take it easy until it goes away, which it does, sometimes in a matter of hours or a day … sometimes much longer. I totally did not have time for a “bad week.” So I just pushed through. Now, I’m simply exhausted. I don’t know if I’m just tired or it’s one of my chronic problems or what, but all I want is a nice bed and a long sleep. It was good to know, though, that I CAN push through when I must.

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    • I get you all the way. There are stress situations that occur at the wrong time that you have to deal with yourself. I could always rely on Mr. Swiss but he is no longer in such good shape and I have to begin to take things in my own hand.


  3. Our weather has been so excellent that it is getting weird. We should have had more unpleasant heat by now. Although it does not get too dangerously hot here, we do typically get a few days of unpleasantly warm weather. It just has not happened yet. There was a bit of humidity, but it was gone before anyone noticed. Everyone else is getting unpleasant weather. I fee left out. Thunder would be nice about now. Rain to go with it would be even nicer. Dry lightning has an unpleasant way of starting fires.

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    • We seem to be having a perfect summer this year. Hot and sunny with rain storms in between. I have never seen so many flowers and everything is growing taller than usual.. we don’t get so many fires started by lightening, but more careless people making their own fires. It will soon be 1st August, Swiss National Day, when there will be fireworks exploding everywhere

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      • Isn’t it odd that the holidays that are celebrated with fireworks are in summer?! I suppose that fireworks would not be as popular when the weather is not pleasant. It is nice to go out at night while the weather is warm. Yet, fireworks in summer is just not a good idea.

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