RDP #51: Duck

Ducks 18.06 (6)

I am surrounded by them, ducks are everywhere. Take a walk along the river and they watch me with suspicion. They think the river belongs to them.

Ducks 27.05 (5)

It is a conspiracy I am sure. They are always standing in organised groups. If you walk past they begin to quack and flutter their wings with a threatening look in their eye. Always make sure you have some bread with you. They will not let you pass unless they get their bribes.

Ducks 21.01 (3)

You cannot trust them. They will organise themselves and hold conferences planning their next quacks. They are spies noticing your every move. One day you will enter your bathroom at home and run away again, finding that the bath is full of ducks. There is no escape. They are planning on a takeover bid.  It all began when the stores were selling the rubber ducks. They got jealous. There is nothing as good as a real duck with feathers was their motto.

Ducks 26.04 (4)

You might only see one duck and the more colourful the more treacherous. This is just the reconnaissance. They are just checking on the possibilities of a take over.

Ducks are quacking everywhere, even in the local government.

RDP #51: Duck

Good Morning


Yesterday the hot weather broke, at last. In the afternoon tbere were a few warning claps of thunder and it began to rain: not too much, but enough to cool down the temperatures and have a stay at home afternoon. This morning it is still dull, but cooler and it suits me. The view is from my front garden across the Bernese flat lands and you can even see the hills in the distance before the alps begin to rise.

I have just cleared the mess away from my breakfast. It will be a bit of a busy day today. No. 2 son is visiting with his wife and son this afternoon and in the evening No. 1 son returns from his 2 week holiday in Italy bring two weeks of washing with him. It is only once a year, but it will be a machine full of t-shirts and shorts mixed with our own wash,

Grenchenstrasse 20.07.2018

I noticed on our trip to the supermarket yesterday that the sunflower fields are still showing their flowers, although now more seed heads than flowers. Perhaps I might make another excursion there for some photos. I have not been so much out and about as I would like to lately,  but we had some hot weather, and daily life got a bit in the way. Yesterday we did the usual week-end shopping trip, but I was not so much into the details. Mr. Swiss and I are really only eating quick meals as both of us are not very hungry, but No. 1 son will be back today, and he is permanently hungry. I do not think it is so much hunger, he just eats what is there (unless it is broccoli or mushrooms which he will not touch). He now has two weeks of pasta behind him in Italy, which is one of his favourites.

Jura 20.07.2018

I will now be busy putting the linen on my son’s bed although Mr. Swiss will be helping as I have a bit of a problem with putting on the fitted sheets. Actually I am doing quite well at the moment. I rarely use my stick for support at home and can manage walking on my own, although it reminds you of the Ministry of strange walks, but I can do it. I decided some time ago that MS is a label worth fighting against. Of course I have my problems, mainly a tiredness, but five minutes lay down on the bed and I am back again. MS has many faces but I realised I can overcome a lot but sheer wanting to. I often forget where I have put my stick, and realise I  can do it without. The walker has now been banned, and only used for transporting stuff like my computer which I like to take outside on the porch when I have something to do on it.

I also noticed that I can do my house cleaning much easier without having some sort of apparatus for support. When I broke my leg at the beginning of the year I was almost helpless, but somehow I persevered, even if I was carrying the mop and vacuum with my walker. The day when I could do it all without extra support was a new life for me and I felt human again. OK, a certain person is always telling me not to overdo it, but I have to try it out, and after spending 4 months in a semi invalid state, I am read to go again.

And now to move on, there are things to be done today. I am not sure how much and whether I will be around today, but even blogless can happen. Keep well, enjoy whatever you are looking forward to. See you when I see you, most probably on the flip side.

Bipperlisi 20.07 (4)