RDP #50: Gold

Marigolds 08.07.2018

I found some Marigolds in my photos, so what could be better.

I have just had a couple of those moments where our gold reserves are concerned, learning how to handle an online bank account. Of course I can do it, but I am a post account person: all nice and basic. Mr. Swiss says he does not intend to go anywhere at the moment and although he has his aches and pains, he wants to stay around, but I have decided I should be able to handle stuff – you never know what could happen as you get older.

I discovered today that the security to enter bank accounts on the computer is different to what it was. However, I decided to enter my bank account online and I must admit I have not been there for a few years. There were a few transactions but I left it to the partner. So today I entered my co-ordinates, twice, and still did not get into the account. I was supposed to get a number over my iPhone and nothing happened. I called the help desk. There was a very unfriendly man  who began to ask me personal questions to make sure I was the person I told him I was. He did not seem to be happy about my answers and told me to call again. He did not believe me. Perhaps I might have someone else on the phone that would ask other security questions. I did, it was a lady and the only problem was that I probably made a mistake when I entered my password.

Yes, my name is Angloswiss and I am a Golden Oldie.

RDP #50: Gold

2 thoughts on “RDP #50: Gold

  1. I was panicking one time because I was 100% my password was right; after several failed attempts to access my account, I noticed this message on the screen: “attention, your CAPS LOCK key is on”

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    • The problem with passwords is that you only get a row of dots and do not know what letters you have entered. If there is a mistake you cannot see it and eventually you have a problem.

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